An unexpected benefit of losing weight

gromithere Posts: 172 Member
Temperatures have been around 105 the past few days where I live, and while everyone is saying how hot it is, I'm feeling just fine! I still have a bit to go as far as weight loss, but I'm imagining that this might be a cold winter for me. I guess not having the extra padding is a good thing in the summer though. :laugh:


  • spammyanna
    spammyanna Posts: 871 Member
    That's an awesome NSV!!

    I feel the same way, I am cold almost all the time, and am loving the fact that it's FINALLY summer here.

    Great job on your weightloss!
  • jpowell3976
    jpowell3976 Posts: 144 Member
  • FiercelyBeautiful
    FiercelyBeautiful Posts: 590 Member
    I totally get cold super easy now, when everyone else is hot I am literally freezing. Never thought I would be "that" girl :)
  • tawny7
    tawny7 Posts: 276 Member
    I was very cold last winter!!
    I'm noticing I'm not as uncomfortable in the summer since losing weight.
  • 512cheangela
    512cheangela Posts: 133
    High fives! You have come a long way and this is a great payoff! Enjoy your summer!
  • ncsjodi
    ncsjodi Posts: 102 Member
    It's true! I am the same way! This summer hasn't been too unbearable for me (even with temps in the 100s and high 90s) and I'm FREEZING in air conditioned places (church, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.)!
  • Enkibean
    Enkibean Posts: 56
    To play amateur doctor, I always figured that the reduced caloric intake didn't leave enough fuel to keep me as warm as I used to be...I started feeling cold all the time from the very beginning of my weight loss nightma...uh, journey. =) You adjust...
  • joylovesjose
    joylovesjose Posts: 15 Member
    That is awesome!! Ok, I'm a relative newbie to mfp, so what exactly does NSV stand for?
  • I've noticed that too. I don't get quite so overheated as I used to. I find I don't need the house to be as cool and I'm more inclined to be outside when it's hot and it doesn't really bother me as much as it did when I was heavier! BONUS! ; )
  • TheresaC928
    TheresaC928 Posts: 849
    I've noticed the same thing about myself. I still like it a cool 68 in my house summer or winter but I can manage a slightly higher temp better now and actually get cold at nite. Another benefit is I can breathe alot easier. I still want to lose 75 more lbs so we shall see after that. I say my blood thinned also from moving from Chicago to Maryland in the last 2 yrs since their winter coldest is only 35 and I view that as sort of chilly now. Lol
  • skpstone
    skpstone Posts: 26 Member
    That is awesome!! Ok, I'm a relative newbie to mfp, so what exactly does NSV stand for?

    Non Scale Victory :)
    Any kind of benefit that isnt quantified by how much weight you have lost...
  • BandForAlyAnne
    BandForAlyAnne Posts: 321 Member
    this is happening to me! i was always hot before.
  • RuthSweetTooth
    RuthSweetTooth Posts: 461 Member
    I'll bet your blood pressure has improved with all that weight gone, so you are handling the heat better! When my blood pressure is high, I feel hot. Nice work!
  • Hoakiebs
    Hoakiebs Posts: 430 Member
    Happed tome too when I had to golf in 100 degree heat...had no problem this year, whereas two years ago, I had to change gloves twice and my shirt after 9 holes! Awesome!
  • sagetracey
    sagetracey Posts: 607 Member
    From the other side of the world (downunder in Australia), it is winter and I am really feeling the cold this year! Actually looking forward to summer for once.
  • sunrise611
    sunrise611 Posts: 1,830 Member
    I've noticed that I get colder more easily and tolerate the heat better in the summer too!
  • abacorica
    abacorica Posts: 29 Member
    I've noticed that as well - great work! I am enjoying the lower utility bills myself!
  • Skeebee
    Skeebee Posts: 740 Member
    I never ever noticed this before! Last summer was unbearable here near Dallas. This year, same temps, 41lb different, and healthy and the heat doesn't bother me. I couldn't workout in it before and now i have no problem! Weird!
  • joylovesjose
    joylovesjose Posts: 15 Member
    Thanks so much! :smile:
  • That's awesome! I'm cold all the time anyway no matter my weight, but am looking forward to hopefully handling heat better next summer. I noticed a few years ago when my sister lost a lot of weight she quit freezing me to death when I rode in her truck with her!
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