Diet, exercise and .....

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There have been times where I've eaten loads, and eaten rubbish! All the wrong things and lots of it! I put on a few pounds, but only an extra 15 lbs or so. But I SHOULD have been enormous, why wasn't I?

Well I still exercised a fair bit, played football a couple of times a week and went on my bike once or twice. But as we know, those exercises accounted for just a few hundred calories, I would eat those back with a Mars bar and energy drink during the exercise!

Here's why I didn't put loads of weight on in my opinion. I'm impatient! I can't wait for an elevator so I run upstairs. I won't stand still on the Escalators, I'll walk on them. I don't amble round the shops, I don't sit down a lot, I can't be bothered waiting for a good parking place so I'll park miles away and walk! But I'm In the minority here I feel, i seem to be running around whilst most are going slowly. When I go shopping I'm done in an hour, my mum will spend the whole day!

Usually it's someone's diet and exercise level that is spoken about but is their day to day lifestyle an important factor too? Are people just a bit lazy or is it just that I really am impatient!

(greedy, impatient, and a bit judgemental, don't I sound quite the catch!)