day 5 and HUNGRY!!!

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today is my 5th day using MFP.. and man i'm not sure what it is.. but I am H U N G R Y... ive eatin pretty balanced today too
went walking this a.m. then had good bfst and snack/lunch snack.. and heading to gym in an hour!.. idk i thought at first too many carbs.. (trigger hunger maybe??) idk.. but i still have a lot of carbs 'left' in the bank.. hmm anybody experience this? or ideas? or?...


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    More protein!

    Hard to suggest anything without being able to see your diary.
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    How's your water intake? Also, can it be PMS? (PMS makes me want to eat an entire kitchen lol)
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    A start would be to open up your diary and tell us a little about yourself like your current weight, height, age and your weight loss goals.
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    losing weight + being hungry sometimes go hand in hand....
    that being said, you could also not be eating enough... how many calories did you eat and whats your goal?? what kinds of foods are you eating? would be easier if we seen your diary..

    i need like 2500 calories per day to feel full. im trying to lose the last 10 lbs so i'm eating 1500-1800 calories per day, and im hungry most of the time. i wish i could be stuffed while losing weight. tummys grumbling as i write this haha
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    more protein!...i think MFP has the desired protein grams a little low. i need 310grams a day, and it only has me at 147g
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    Eat fiber, it fills you up and it's pretty good. ;) I used to eat a few Triscuits when I felt hungry, like 3 or 4. They have a lot of Sodium though. You can find low sodium fiber snacks.
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    Are you "eating back your exercise calories"??? Just a thought...
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    What foods are you eating...if you do it right....there is no need to be hungry.
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    (PMS makes me want to eat an entire kitchen lol)
    lol so true! :tongue:
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    What foods are you eating...if you do it right....there is no need to be hungry.

    You are absolutly correct.
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    Fiber and protein are your best friends! Especially if you are working out!! The more protein, the better muscle function/growth, and the more muscle you gain, the higher you metabolism! Keep goin! You can do it!
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    Tough it out. If you are eating enough calories and are still feeling hungry, it is not true hunger. If you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, have a small piece of fruit. If you are very overweight, your appetite regulating hormones are probably out of whack. Stick to your calorie goals, and your hunger levels will lessen over time.
  • You can do this!! It really does get easier. If you are used to over eating your stomach is stretched beyond the size it's intended to be. Stick to a well balanced diet, your stomach will shrink to its natural size causing you to feel fuller for longer after eating less. :)
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    Not sure if this is going to work for me just started yesterday so far so good I guess
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    I hate to say it, but it looks like we have to grin and bear it. I started at 293. Today is my first month in and I am at 279.4. And unfortunately, I am hungry A LOT (I am targeting 1800 calories a day). I think there is no getting by it, but here are some tips that have been helping me.

    - Breaking up meals to six small portions a day would likely help, but it is just impracticable with my lifestyle. In any case, even when I eat a tiny bit, it does help with the hunger for a short time. It has to be real food though.

    - Salads. I hate salad. But I have found when one is handy and premade, when I choke it down (no dressing naturally), it can curb my hunger, if even fr a short time.

    - Coffee, water and/or tea in great quantities. I wouldn't worry about the "gallon of water" many people recommend. Drink the amount that works for you to kill hunger. The guy that turned me on to this site gave me a great tip. Find the drink that you can drink that makes you happy, then drink lots of it.

    - Exercise! Particularly cardio. I have found in the short term it kills the hunger, but more importantly, it gives me more calories to my daily allowance. In this past month I have often used these extra calories to bolster my food. I think for women this is particularly important as you ladies have to eat a lot less then us men to lose weight.

    - Set a more realistic goal. My friend who is a woman also joined. When she put in she wanted to lose 2 pounds a week, the program said she should not exceed 1200 calories a day. With my goal at 1800 a day for 2 pounds a week loss, I find this to be impossible. I am having a hard enough time as it is. It might be better to ease off on your goal to maybe 1 pound a week.

    - Embrace the hunger and own it! This is a mental game I read about, and I am finding it does help at times. Especially when I am hungry, am driving home for dinner, and am passing about 20 fast food joints that I love (Chili Cheese Jumbo Dog from Portillo's anyone?). When I am hungry, I try to visualize my fat melting away, my body taking little nibbles out of the fat pile. You know it's working when you are hungry.

    - Western world guilt. Another mental exercise of my own making, though somewhat dysfunctional probably. I try to think of all the people around the world who have very little food, certainly less than 2000 balanced calories a day, and must do back breaking labor just to survive. If they can do it, my bloated, big mac inhaling self can do it to.

    - Special Forces! I also figure all those bad *kitten* special forces guys are big, tough, killing machines. Part of their training (and probably part of their missions) is to endure long periods of time without food. If they can go on black ops missions for days and weeks on end with tiny amounts of food and still execute a mission, I can hold out until my scheduled eating time and not eat the double fudge brownie that the secretary just laid out three feet from my desk at work!

    I do have some good news for you. The first 7 days was definitely the worst. Your body will adjust. You just have to try to grin and bear it. I think you'll always be a little hungry, but definitely the first week is horrible.

    Hang in there!!! We got yo back!
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    I have always eaten more protien than the standard MFP recommendations which satisfies for longer.
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    The first week or two were the toughest. After that, my stomach "shrunk", and I was less hungry. Hang in there.
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    P R O T E I N! haven't had any trouble with hunger.
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    ...oh yeah, and I forgot. Watermelon! It's summer time, and as watermelon is mostly water you can eat huge amounts without being burdened by too many calories. Take one, cut it up so it is ready to eat, and then leave it in your fridge. When hungry, just chow down until satisfied.