Stop eating so much sugar



  • omanitshann
    omanitshann Posts: 179
    I have something sweet everyday and I've never had a weight issue. Enjoy life! you don't need to deprive yourself, it's about moderation.
  • Silverkittycat
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    Jules, that avatar is hideously delightful!! :flowerforyou:
    I do believe that avatar is from the dark crystal


    What is Dark Crystal? Scared to look..
  • talrcat
    talrcat Posts: 97 Member
    I can only say that a bad sugar day for me now is MUCH better than a good sugar day for me used to be... I can live with that.
  • onyxgirl17
    onyxgirl17 Posts: 1,716 Member
    I'm not willing to give up sugar in general because I like it in my coffee and I like fruit. I do avoid most processed sugars.