My name is Tina and i live in the ohio area and i'm glad to be apart of the team and hope my weight journey be a successful one.


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    Glad to have you Tina.:flowerforyou:

    You can make this journey a successful one. Remember it is sometimes patience that pulls us through.:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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    Hello! Welcome to MFP!

    MFP is a really great resource to keep you focused and connect you with a wealth of fitness resources and like minded folks.

    1. Log your foods every day - don't skip days, or parts of your day. log everything!
    2. Analyze each day - see where it went good and where it went bad - too much fat? maybe too many carbs? over the calorie limit? Identify and plan how to correct it for tomorrow.
    3. Reach out to the community with questions or advice needs.
    4. Build a network of friends here!
    5. Lastly, do not believe everything you read here. There is a lot of great advice, but also some misleading and hype type advice. Part of getting fit is educating yourself in aspects of health and fitness. Make sure any questionable advice is looked at with a scientific eye and look for facts, evidence, and most importantly real world proof.
    6. You are more than a number. Sometimes the scale may not say what you hoped - thats fine. weight loss is not a straight line declination. Its a bumpy line that drops over time. Don't let single day numbers get your focus away from term based results.
    7. Vary your exercises. Your body forms memories and can slow down how it burns fat and builds muscles. Keep it confused! Hit it hard with cardio styles. Build lean muscle to burn even more fat.
    8. and above all - take your photo now! You will want to look back and have a starting BEFORE picture to proudly display along with your series of PRESENT or CURRENT photos during your transformation and continued lifestyle of fitness.

    I welcome you, and anyone else out there to add me as a friend. I have made fitness and health my passion and love the idea of folks joining me in my new lifestyle of being fit, healthy, and most importantly - HAPPY!.

    I'm here to support and motivate!!! I find my own success comes easier when I help and fuel other folks success.

    and remember - most folks care more about the quality of fuel they put in their lawn mowers than the fuel they put in their bodies. Don't be one of those people. Whole foods. Natural foods. Intelligent choices.

    Fit for life,
    Mark M. Reed
    aka Marc Mayhem - Fitness Blogger, and Motivator!

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