52 pounds and seeing progress in the pictures

MKolek00 Posts: 23 Member
I started in Feb 2012.

I am 6'5 and weighed 302 pounds (my never-never number) and needed to change. I'm lucky that my friends started as well and helped push me, but to be honest seeing a 3 to start my weight scared me.

This is a picture from a wedding in 2009 probably around 285


Here is a picture from early 2010 with my wife and oldest daughter. I'm probably around 285 again and also a picture of this last weekend at 250 even.


And here is the picture from the hospital holding my youngest daughter 1/16/12 at roughly 302 along with the same picture of this weekend!


I have logged for 175 straight days on MFP along with eatting better (not great, but not bad all the time either) and starting to exercise more. I did P90X for a few weeks, but didn't have the time to commit fully. I starting running and completely my first 5K in under 32 minutes. I used Couch to 5k up until about week 6 and just started running longer myself.

I have another 5k next month and we are doing the Zombie run in PA in Sept.

Just to brag these are my two beautiful daughers!



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