Looking For a Good Scale

I have a little, cheap-o scale... and I don't really trust it! Does anyone have a good one that seems to work be trustworthy? I'm on the hunt for a new scale.


  • GauchoMark
    GauchoMark Posts: 1,804 Member
    pretty much any of big name digital scales are very accurate. I have a Tanita Ironman scale that is great and tells you a LOT of info. The extra info (like %fat, %water, etc) it gives is accurate enough to see changes over long times, but are probably not very precise. I also have a fitbit aria scale that just gives weight and %fat, but it auto syncs to fitbit's website, so you have a log. It supposedly will sync to MFP one day...
  • kaseysospacey
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    I love this and its on sale right now for about $15