38 in 10 weeks time for abs

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i joined mfp back in march and my mission was to lose the beer belly over the 5 months i have had ups and downs but over all its been a success .i dropped 14lb and went down a couple of sizes in jeans

i will be 38 in 10 weeks so its time to up my game ,now its time for part 2 of my change .
my target weight is 196lb and to see some abs
so here is my plan to do it
i do weights 3-4 time a week for 60-80 mins
my cardio is 3 60 mins sessions a week and i have started seeing a pt for 30 min abs and core workout twice a week .
my diet is set at 40% pro 30 carb and fat and i stick to it about 80% of the time .

if you have any advice on what i can add to it to reach my goal .please feel free to add


  • bmoregan
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    Hi Del, Suggest you define "...to see some abs". It's one thing to develop abs but not very satisfying if they're hidden under a stubborn layer of fat.

    I'm no expert on it but how about getting a calipers and measuring fat via the "pinch test"? I havn't done this yet but my PT/instructor suggested I should start doing so soon.
  • delmc1
    delmc1 Posts: 331 Member
    thanks pal , i had it done today with my pt before the core workout.i will be getting it done once a week