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Well from Sept. 9 to today, Oct. 8th I lost 8 lbs. I got on the scale fully expecting it to be higher or the same as it always is and I lost 8lbs. I am quite thrilled. Now if it does the same thing next month then I will be truly happy.

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  • tanya7712
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    Thats great! Congrats:flowerforyou:
  • oEmmao
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    well done, 8 pounds in a month is awesome! :drinker:
  • EKarma
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    BOOYAH!! :laugh: That's awesome.! Soon it'll be another 8 lbs and then another 8 lbs.. and then pritty soon you'll have to get some clothes that fit!

  • vhuber
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    Hey that's AWESOME !! Keep it up and the next month will be true to you too!! Best wishes!!
  • ilike2moveit
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    Will you come talk to my scale?
  • itsmenatalie
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    Congratulations - that's a total success.
  • wks7777
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    Thats awesome! Congrats! ur hard work paid off!!Im so ready to be a month in i hope i get results like u!!
  • anna441
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  • teridene
    teridene Posts: 71 Member
    Thank you everyone! You're comments were very kind! Have a great day. Teri
  • Georg
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    That's great!
    Keep up the good work!
  • BrendaLee
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    Congrats. :)