MFP weight loss challenge!



  • jakidb
    jakidb Posts: 1,010 Member
    Count me in--i want to get back on track!
  • GodsGirl37
    GodsGirl37 Posts: 348
    sure! my goal weight is 134 pounds. my current weight is 191 pounds. I would like to reach 180 pounds by December.

    I have a ways till my goal weight.
  • Smartbeauty
    I'm in for 50 by Dec. 16th. Looking forward to my outward appearance coordinating with how I feel inside.
  • cdecresc
    cdecresc Posts: 1 Member
    I want to lose 40 by Christmas
  • rhe280
    rhe280 Posts: 71
    i also want to lose fifty by december....count me in!
  • eawatts001
    Count me in! I am trying to get back on track and have a goal of taking off 40 lbs by Christmas :)
  • aethompson5507
    aethompson5507 Posts: 251 Member
    ok, how do i get a pic on here? i cant remember what to do to it to get it to show up lol
  • poshcouture
    poshcouture Posts: 610
    I'm in! I'm setting a weightloss goal for my vacation in November!
  • MichelleLydia
    MichelleLydia Posts: 224 Member
    I'm in, I'd love to lose 25-30 by Christmas :)
  • Cride2010
    Cride2010 Posts: 1
    Count me in please..:flowerforyou: I want to lose 50 lbs by christmas..
  • heartsherps
    heartsherps Posts: 57 Member
    To post a pic:

    you have to put brackets around img and /img

    My goal for Christmas is to be less than 140 (that's 34 pounds to go, people). =D
  • bonnyebrew
    bonnyebrew Posts: 20
    I'm in, my goal is about 50 before the end of the year
  • michelletr
    michelletr Posts: 218 Member
    I'm in!

    I have been losing and gaining for awhile now and I am done with's time I finally loose this weight

    If anyone wants to add me, please do :)
  • Camberries7
    Camberries7 Posts: 19 Member
    I want to join. I've fallen off the wagon for the last week and a half and need help! I am up for the challenge - I need to lose 40 lbs!
  • recee96
    recee96 Posts: 224 Member
    Count me mini goal is to lose an additional 20 pounds by Nov 1.
  • Lsobriens
    Lsobriens Posts: 4 Member
    Hoping to drop 20 before then, but a Christmas goal will work. I look forward to having the additional support. I even uploaded a picture taken of me when I was at the weight I want to be. That is good incentive, seeing how good I could look!
  • emilypurplefrog
    emilypurplefrog Posts: 92 Member
    I'm in, my goal is to lose at least 20 more pounds by Christmas.
  • bertabird
    bertabird Posts: 52
    sounds good. i'm in!:bigsmile:
  • melann1974
    melann1974 Posts: 84
    I've lost 29 lbs since March and want to lose another 16lbs by Halloween!!!
  • aethompson5507
    aethompson5507 Posts: 251 Member
    ok guys! adding everyone is getting to be a lot for little o me :blushing: and apparently mfp only allows 5 friend requests every 5 min. or something, so if u havent already gotten a request from me, if your looking to join us, FRIEND REQUEST ME pretty please :flowerforyou: