Turmeric 500mg

Sheila_Ann Posts: 365 Member
Long story short, I had surgery 3 years ago on my ankle (lateral ligament reconstruction). I'm still swollen from the knee down to the foot. My ortho dr is not sure what is causing the swelling or the pain that I'm still having. I'm allergic to any NSAD and can't take any anti-inflamatory meds. A friend suggested Turmeric 500mg 2x/day.

Has anyone taken Turmeric and if so what kind and have you seen an improvement?

Thanks in advance!


  • reyopo
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    Yes! I took a Turmeric/Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) supplement for a foot injury and for tendonitis in my knees. I felt like it helped a LOT. Plus turmeric has many other health benefits. A great article here:

  • Sheila_Ann
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    great article! I have the start of arthritis on that darn foot. What brand did you use?
  • laus_8882
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    I take silymarin and turmeric together (it's from Now Foods; I buy from iherb) at 300mg and 700mg respectively. Not entirely sure why I take the capsules (sympathy for my poor liver?). My neuro said the spinal tap entry point healed just as he'd expected so no help with healing that sort of wound. Could help, probably won't hurt. I'd ask my doc first.