One year later, pictures included.

lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
Me this year

Me last year

I recently saw a not so flattering picture of myself, a friend had taken. Just over a year ago I was at 173, my last scale check was 141. I am 6 pounds heavier then when I graduated high school, except, clothes from High School fit me better now then they did then.

I still have a goal of 21 more pounds, and the not so flatetring picture is enough motivation to get me working even harder then before. I am proud of what I have done, and intend to do more, and push farther. I can do it, and others have done it, we can all do this! Good luck.


  • lgwmab
    lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
    the me this year, was taken today.
  • niecyc23
    niecyc23 Posts: 402
    wtg your are doing it!!!!
  • lisaconn64
    lisaconn64 Posts: 4 Member
    You look great!!!!
  • castroje
    castroje Posts: 130 Member
    Beautiful. Great results. Congratulations!!!

  • lgwmab
    lgwmab Posts: 274 Member

    What the heck, the picture went sideways.
  • Way to go!!! I just started my journey... Thanks for the inspiration!!! I started at 172 and I'm down 5 lbs in 5 weeks. Only 35 more to go!!! Thanks for sharing :)
  • jdhosier
    jdhosier Posts: 315 Member
    You look great, Lindsay. Well done. The only thing that would have made it better is if you had SMILED! (Well done!)
  • lgwmab
    lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
    Thank you.
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    Congratulations. You look great. The next 20 pounds will be awesome.
  • Nil1057
    Nil1057 Posts: 2
    Awesome - I always like to hear stories like yours.
  • UticaBoy51
    UticaBoy51 Posts: 344 Member
    Nice job! You confused me at first with the after picture first :) My thought was, she looked great what's not flattering.
  • Karaleigh24
    Karaleigh24 Posts: 1 Member
    Keep it up :) people like yourself help people like me to stay MOTIVATED! great work!!!!!!
  • nothersry
    nothersry Posts: 1
    That's amazing :) Congrats
  • Tivo8MyNeighbors
    Tivo8MyNeighbors Posts: 151 Member
    You are *so* workin' it, sister! You are utterly transforming yourself. Don't get discouraged. I can see the difference, even if you can't. *hugs*
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