15 days and counting...

So here's the thing,
Taking the kids away for a week to somewhere sunny. All inclusive. Totally new experience in every aspect and I want to enjoy it.
Promised myself not to count any thing for the week (first time in several years if I achieve it):tongue:

The deal was to get below a certain weight so that I could do that, and not come home to a weight increase that would take forever to lose again.

But... I only have 15 days till we fly and I still have 5lbs to go. Pretty much the same 5lbs I had when I struck the deal 6 weeks ago,:mad:
I've been see-sawing the same 5lbs all the while and now can't see that I have a hope in 15 days, since I haven't done it in 6 weeks.:explode:
Any suggestions or motivation?
I can only see desperation at the end of my tunnel.:cry: