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Miracle Noodle deal on Google Offers

tuiccim Posts: 689 Member
$29 for 2 Miracle Noodle Variety Dozens with 8 Angel Hair, 8 Rice and 8 Fettucini


Anyone ever buy a deal like this? Is this a good price for the noodles?


  • fuzzyslipperz
    fuzzyslipperz Posts: 51 Member
    Good deal, but not stupendous. Notice they are tacking on $10 for shipping when normally they ship for free. With the 10 or 15% off coupons floating around I usually pay $47 for 24, these would be $39.
  • I've never brought them (theres only one shop that sells them in the UK :( ) but I've heard amazing reviews about them! Thats a really good deal considering a lone packet feteches between £3 - £5. You shoud definitely give them a go. I'd love to know if you like them!
  • Never noticed the shipping fee, gets me each and every time:embarassed: :sad: