Need advice to lose the last few pounds

I have read so many people's advice but never find quite my situation, so I thought I'd throw my problems into the ring and see what all you knowledgeable types come up with.
I am a 50 year old mum of 3 with a full time teaching job and a part time bar job.
I lost just over 3 stone about 3 years ago and a steady 10lb during the next year. ( started off due to an emotional upheaval, decided to keep going.)
I have a goal weight in mind but having achieved it at the end of 2011 am now about 5lb over that weight, despite all my efforts.
I am rubbish at exercising, chiefly because I do not have much time. I walk 2-3 times a day for 15/20mins each time, usually at a pretty fast pace with my mad puppy.
Having plateau-ed I adjusted my weekly goal, reset my percentages, upped my calories, shocked my metabolism, ate as clean as I could, lowered my calories... you name it, if I read it on this site I tried it. All this over the last 6 months.
I still haven't lost the elusive 5lb, and keep going up and down 2-3lb every few days.
To say I am fed up with the whole thing is an understatement.
I don't intend to give up, but there are days when I really want to hit something.

Please could someone offer something helpful, and constructive?
As I said, I am rubbish at exercise, so it needs to be diet based.

Help? :sad:


  • lizziebeth1028
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    I'm a firm believer in strength training! Especially when you're just about at goal and still want to see some changes. Sounds like your plate is pretty full with 2 jobs and kids...but I would definitely try and work some strength training in a few days a week. Even if you set up a home gym or google bodyweight exercises and you can get all kinds of ideas!
  • jsidel126
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    I am currently run/walking 2.5 miles 6 days/wk. It takes 35-45 min per session. I use the couch to 5k (C25k) program. I also stretch. Burned calories are noticably higher than just walking for similar times. I have seen people running with their (big) dogs. Was walking hilly paths but it was taking to much time...

    Noticed my daily calorie intake is reduced when I consume more protein (meat, eggs, etc.). Less exercise needed too!

    Its difficult for me to drop weight using diet alone. I need some exercise or activity which I enjoy doing and see steady progress to keep interested.

    Your pic doesn't appear that you need to lose weight. Try maintaining a healthy diet and focus on something more enjoyable than dieting ... Focus on an activity (not food related) that you enjoy and you can see progress. If you lose weight, its an added bonus.
    Don't worry, Be :happy:
  • JennetteMac
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    Thank you for the advice. I will be happy to try strength training but don't actually understand what I have to do. Any advice, please?