Healthy yogurt dip recipes?

NaurielR Posts: 429 Member
I was wondering if any of you had some good greek yogurt dip recipes? I love adding salsa to greek yogurt to make a creamy salsa, and making ranch dressing with thee yogurt as a base, but I want some more recipes.

So, come on and throw your ideas at me.


  • veerichie
    veerichie Posts: 214 Member
    My favorite is Plain FF Greek yogurt + garlic powder, dill, and crushed pepper for a veggie dip. So good and minimal calories, plus tons of proteins.

    You can use the packets and just substitute the sour cream for Greek yogurt but I think they are loaded with a lot of sodium.
  • MFPBrandy
    MFPBrandy Posts: 564 Member
    Yogurt, cucumber & lemon juice (just a tad) with either a bit of dill or a bit of cilantro (two very different tastes, both quite good).

    *ETA: I usually throw a cucumber, lemon juice & cilantro or dill in the food processor, but then I wind up with more than I could use before it goes bad. So I mix some into the yogurt and throw the rest in the freezer. When I'm ready for the next batch of dip, I can just thaw a chunk of it and mix it into more yogurt.
    Also, this works well for salad dressing or dip. If you want it thinner, just use as-is. If you want it thicker, strain the cucumber to remove moisture before adding it to the rest.