Calorie Cycling (maybe combined with IF?)

I am not doing IF (intermittent fasting), but I am considering it someday. Right now, I just do about 4 meals a day spread out and I feel just fine. I was wondering what you think about calorie cycling? How about combining it with IF? Does anyone "save up" calories during the week so they can have a nice blow out on the weekend... and does that work for your weight loss?

I have found that I have been naturally calorie cycle. Some days I don't want to eat (thank you spiraling depression) and other days I find that I wish I had more calories to eat, but not really starving. Thoughts?


  • moriaht
    moriaht Posts: 251 Member
    I do this too! Well I purposely eat under my calories weekdays so that I can go out for drinks or wing on the weekends guilt free. It's been working for me just fine. Probably slows weight loss down a bit, but for me it's worth it to keep having my same social life. As long as my weekly totals add up.
  • kaervaak
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    I do calorie cycling (and carb cycling) using the Lean Gains protocol.

    I'm currently doing a slow bulk and eating on a +20%/+0% cycle. Basically, on workout days I eat over my TDEE and on rest days I eat at maintenance. Also, on workout days I eat high carb and low fat and on rest days I eat low carb, high fat (I always keep protein high at 1g/lb of body weight). The lean gains protocol also calls for intermittent fasting, so I eat in an 8 hour window, usually from 11:30am to 7:30pm.