Why do I now feel fat?

Before I started my weight loss journey/new life style I never saw myself as fat or felt I was! At my highest weight, when I finally decided I needed to be healthier as I was not getting any younger, I weighed 228 and was a size 18. Today I am at 183 and wear either a 12 or 10 (depending on the brand). BUT these days I feel fat...why? I work out at least 5 days a week, treadmill 3 days, free weights and other exercises the other 2-3. I feel better than I have in years and make such much better food choices!! I even look at myself in the mirror and think..."oh if I could just lose this stomach, if my thighs were more toned", something I never did before. Why is my body image getting worse?? Am I just plain crazy??


  • BeingAwesome247
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    I went through this once I hit a certain weight!
    Then after I quit smoking a gained some weight back and feel more insecure NOW than I did at a heavier weight!
    Why?? Not sure

    Make a list of everything you've accomplished....all the good and focus on that

    Best of luck and great job at the 45lbs loss
  • soehlerking
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    You're not crazy; I go through the exact same thing every day. When I started out (170lb) I thought 135lb (where I am now) would mean I turned heads and fit into a size 4. I'm still a size 8-10, and I lost boob weight! I get really down on myself sometimes b/c now I see where I could be thinner; previously I was happy just being who I was, fat and all. But it truly is I've gained a lot of confidence just knowing that I CAN do this and recognizing my relationship with food. I hope you keep your chin up; you were beautiful when you started and you're beautiful now.
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    I think when you diet you scrutinise your body more than you ever have, weighing, measuring, seeing yourself in the mirror in the gym and comparing yourself to other dieters on MFP and the gym, often being very unfair on yourself. Trust me you've done great and your doing great, unfortunatley tis just yourself being critical of yourself until you hit goal if we didn't want to change what we saw we'd just stop. Sucks in that way being on a diet :/
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    I know how you feel. I get like that every now and then. I still get those "fat" days and feel like i did at my heaviest. I think you just need to make a list of accomplishments or view pics from you at your heaviest to where you are now and realize you have made changes and you arent still that same person. I have a ladies only support group on fb if you are interested in joining. We would love to have you, just send me a message :)
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    My theory is that our head hasn't caught up with our bodies. This is the first time I'm doing the head work along with the food choice changes and exercise. I'm seeing the lumpies and folds but I'm forcing myself to look for and notice the smaller belly, notice every time I put on a shirt and the sleeves fit, things like that. So, my advice (for what its worth) is to start picking out the good changes and noticing them on purpose. I surely prefer to spend time with my positive friends than my downer friends...
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    Thanks everyone for the motivation!! I can say the one positive thing is my husband tells me I'm sexier than ever!! Guess after 28 years together that is something special! Plus....I haven't lost any of my boobs (this is both good and bad). I've lost inches around so my band size is going down...but the cup size is still the same (good). BUT it is getting harder and harder to find bras that fit (bad)! :flowerforyou:
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    My theory is that our head hasn't caught up with our bodies.

    I have to agree with this. I used to be 303 and now I am 165 and I still push and criticize myself like I am 303. I see a six pack poking through but I am unwilling to accept the fact that I am thinning out. Its weird. I am happy yet calling myself fat constantly.
  • Init_to_winit
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    I think the reality of it is, the reason you reach those heavier numbers is because you're not paying attention to your body, sort of neglecting it, not facing the truth of it. So now that you are doing something about it (and doing an amazing job by the way!) you are giving your body the attention it needs! Just don't let it discourage you that you haven't reached that perfect physique! Hard work and determination (which it seems you have) will get you there! Good luck to you!
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    I think it has to do with the fact that before you weren't aware of your body. And now that you've become focused on being healthy and losing some weight and do better things for your body you are more aware of your body -- and more aware of how you look and feel at the weight you currently are.

    I'm the same way, I'm by no means overweight -- just want to tone and lose a few inches; but I'm hyper-aware of my body and how it feels and there are certain times I feel fat, even though I'm not.