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  • Hi all--

    I've been using the site for 4 weeks and really love it. Lost 8 pounds. But HELP! The last 3 days have been terrible! Got way too busy, ran my kids' grade school cake walk, and just been eating and eating! Kept up the exercise, so that's something, but dread thought of getting on scale and seeing some of my hard-earned lost pounds back again!! So thought I might need the "motivation and support" link tonight!

    I'm 40, with 4 kids (2 boys, 10 & 12, "mine," 1 10-year-old step son, "his," and a 4-year-old "ours" girl). Work full time teaching. Trying to finally lose the 25 pounds I never lost from having the kids.

    Seriously, help! I want to jump right back on track tomorrow, but I've been saying that for 3 days now . . .


    If you are a teacher like me you may like to plan things. Make your menu for the week and try to stick with it. I tend to slip up some times but not as often as when I have no plan! If you cant eat small meals through the day at least try to take water breaks which will get you feeling better and desire to eat healthier. (8-10 glasses/day) I take a water bottle and try to empty it by certain times in the day. It takes time to get it all together so take one step at a time. This is a journey not an instant transformation. You are doing awesome to keep up the exercise this week. :flowerforyou:
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  • I joined a walk/run group locally, as well as a weight loss group,

    adopt4 - wahooo. good for you! find what is going to work for you. take care :flowerforyou
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    Um, okay.
    I just went into my bin of awesomely gorgeous clothes I bought over 2.5 years ago when I worked part time at a charity thrift store. This lady had lost a bunch of weight and brought in all of her nice clothes she had bought along the way. Some of it had never been worn. Most pieces were sizes 12-16. I have *NEVER* been able to wear any of it. I just bought it because I've wanted to lose weight for so many years & thought maybe one day I would. I just wanted to pull some stuff out to see how much more I needed to lose before I can wear it. And the first thing I pulled out is this really neat skirt.

    I stepped in it, pulled it up... then I zipped and buttoned it!!! IT FITS! It will fit a lot better when I lose 5-10 more pounds, but I cannot believe I'm wearing it right now! *happy dance*

    I can't wait to go see what else I'm close to being able to wear! I'm about to have a whole new wardrobe!
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    jlb: way to go!! That feels awesome doesn't it. About a month ago I bought a dress on clearance as a "goal dress". It is 3 sizes smaller than what I had been wearing in June when I started this program. I knew I had lost 1 full size and I had been wearing some pants that was 2 sizes smaller ( some are still tight) so this was even another size smaller. I came home and tried it on to see how far I would have to go to wear it and I wore it that night to a high school musical with my son. I was sooo proud of myself. I have worn it a couple of times since and got lots of compliments on it. Made me feel awesome.

    I said in an earlier post that I had gained 10lbs but lost 6lbs of it by Friday at weigh in so I was up 4 lbs. Well I lost that 4lbs. I started my new meds on Thursday and I have lost that 10lbs since. I have peed my life away. Today was the first day in I don' t know how long I didn't have a headache. I woke up headache free and was headache free until about 9:30 tonight. That is the longest I've gone with out a headache in probably 21 yrs!! That was 13 hours pain free!! Hopefully this med will keep doing this for me.

    Adopt I will be your buddy. I need you to just Im me and ask if I logged my food and tell me to go get a glass of water. That is the help I need. You let me know what you need and I'll do my best.
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    If any of you are looking for an awesome 20 minute workout, I highly recommend Jillian Michaels' 30 day Shred. If you have digital cable, look on Exercise TV on Demand (one of the free digital on demand channels) and see if the Shred is there. If it is, try level 1. It'll kick your butt. :tongue: In a good way, of course. It's my favorite workout video by far. And you can make most of the moves relatively low impact with no dumbbells all the way up to very high impact with heavy dumbbells.

    I just finished my shred for the day. I can feel myself improve every time I do it. My heart rate monitor says I burned 403 calories in 22 minutes which is about 50 more that I used to burn with the shred. I could really tell I was able to work harder than ever and I guess my HRM could feel it too. :drinker:
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    good for u jb! that's awesome! and way to go crazyb! i hate it when meds mess up your weight. but glad u r headache free for a whole day. wow. hubby lived with horrible headaches for 20 yrs then had a brain tumor removed (technology finally made it operable) and he's been headache free for 3 yrs. he's a different person without having that pain most of the time. hope u can get rid of yours.

    i slept in late 2day, stayed up late watching greys anatomy online, didn't realize i'd missed a bunch of episodes on my tivo. weighed myself - UGH - see the results of that candy and chocolate and cereal I've been eating. new goal - lose 20 pounds by dec 31. should be doable since i'm starting over metabolism wise and all that. will go the gym either late this afternoon when hubby gets up from his nap (no childcare on sundays) or tomorrow. 10 am. that's my time. i will do elliptical and/or walk and just go easy, build up my stamina again.

    drinking my water thanks to crazyb reminding me. logged my food. apparently i need to be babysat and handheld right now but whatever works, i really don't care. i'm disgusted at myself for that junk i'd been eating. it's one thing to stop exercising and eat maintenance, it's quite another to stuff your face with halloween candy for no apparent reason. and it's not like i don't have good for me food! i have tons of apples and baby carrots... which is what i'm going to eat from now on at my computer. nothing else is allowed while i sit there. (new rule for me)
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    Happy Monday!

    Today is the FIRST day I've managed to motivate myself to wake up early to work out. I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination but I woke up & did 30 day shred level 1. Ouch -- 5th shred in 4 days and my shoulders are still burning 3 hours later. Quads, too. Apparently I don't use those muscles often enough. :laugh: On the plus side, I was barely out of breath at all walking up the 50-something steps to my floor at work when normally I'm embarrassingly winded.

    My personal goal this week is to wake up 30 minutes early every day to do 30 Day Shred, walk at least 4 of my 5 lunch breaks (the weather isn't looking great for Tuesday & Wednesday so I'll try to walk inside), and work out on my stationary bike at least 30 minutes 5xthis week. That's about 460 minutes. :drinker:
  • :yawn: I am pooped. I got in 160 miles on my bike this week.
    I'll catch up with personals later. I did read and catch up from the weekend.
  • Hurray for the newbies. Just take each day as it comes and try your best. Some of us have had months and months to work up to where we are.

    cc - awesome goal setting. I love the exercise high too - cant go to sleep at night :yawn:

    I had the same problem of not being able to sleep when I would run in the evening so I switched to mornings or do 30 day shred in the evening.

  • I have a 17 month old girl. I know how you feel. It's hard for some to get motivated after having a baby... but I'm glad that you found us. When I first started I started slow. I started making changes to way that I eat. Little ones, and now my body is back to where it lets me know when I'm full. I don't over eat like I used to. I feel like I have re trained my tummy to take only what it needs to be full. I have more energy. It's taken me since June to lose 17 pounds.... but I feel like I'm on the right track now.

    I wish you good luck and stay with us for support. There are some awesome gals here.

    Energy is a huge problem for me, my daughter wakes up a lot through out the night, so I am usually really tired. Thanks for the support.
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    Yesterday was the first day w/out Halloween candy or other junk being consumed. Trying very hard to get control over my life, and this is only one of the areas! Working on our finances, too, we suck at that. I need to get a parttime job to get us out of this hole so we can get even and I need to work from home, so if anyone has any "real" websites (I"ve checked out a lot of scams!) please let me know! Also looking into doing freelance writing. Gotta put that journalism degree to use some day! ha!

    Did not exercise today as I'd wanted to, I'm all full of ideas at night and then in the morning have no motivation. But I might go later. At least I'm eating right so far today, although I did have a PBJ for lunch, at least it was on good for me bread.

    Have to figure out what's for dinner. Thinking tuna casserole, something fast and easy. Probably not great on calories, but not bad either.

    Have to go log my food for the past 2 days, before I forget.
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    I logged my food on the weekend so I am feelng good about that. I got under one of those 10lb milestones. Only 1lb under but it feels good. Ive lost 13 lbs since I started my new meds on thursday so must have been carrying a lot of water. So this week might feel good on the weigh in day! Today I wore pants to work that were so tight i could barely breathe the last time I wore them and today I could actually put both my hands down in front of the waist band. If I lose anymore they will be too big to wear totally. I was so happy today about that.

    On a peronal level my weekend sucked so bad . I got into it with so many people. My ex hurt my feelings and I got mad, My daughter got pissy with me and that made me mad and my best friend was such a ***** last night at dinner. She jumped on me for being on the computer ( I was logging my food) then she got such an attitude and was *****y over MILK, then she totally humilated me and hurt my feelings so bad I don't even want to have our dinners any more. We have them every other Sunday night. I am done with it.

    I am praying for a better week cause I dont think I can handle anything worse. I could lose the only friend I have over this weekend.
  • crazybee - sorry to hear your stressful weekend. Glad you were able to stay focussed on healthy eating. This week will be better - you are in control of your emotions.

    adopt4 - :devil: HALLOWEEN CANDY IS EVIL! lol Hurray for controlling your life.

    cc - my daughter is 3 and sleeps throught the night - you will get through this stage! :flowerforyou:

    prayerfulmom - glad you checked in!

    Last night I went to the gym for 60 minute work out on the treadmill. Starting to count the days until Christmas. Hope to be at my goal weight by then. Hubby is taking the kid swimming while I work out tomorrow. Nice for them to get some exercise too!
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    crazybee, so sorry your friend doesn't understand. not to excuse her behavior, but is there something going on in her life where she felt that you should pay total attention to her? is she jealous of your success? is she feeling guilty that she doesn't eat right? or doesn't she understand what you were doing and that it would only take a few mins, and that if you didn't log it right away you'd forget...

    i know i get my feelings hurt when hubby is reading his email on the phone when I'm trying to talk to him. he doesn't get it that i just need 30 secs of his time. that's a different situation, of course, he isn't logging food but reading work email (and he works so very much, i rarely get to talk to him) but i know i get pissy with him when i should really explain to him why i am so hurt. ya know?

    first try to talk it out with her and see if you can resolve it. if u can't then decide whether u can emotionally deal with her not supporting u in this and still be friends, or if it will hurt u more to keep her around...

    i'm thinking of distancing one of my few friends too, she complains about being broke all the time, then goes out and spends tons of money whenever she has a penny on stuff that isn't important and necessary, then the next minute complains that she can't feed her kid. which i'm thinking, did u really need that pair of shoes when you have 95 pairs (i counted once)? did u really need that "pretty " collar for your cat? did ur daughter really need that $95 pink tutu when she's not even in dance classes? just makes me want to smack her upside the head sometimes. and she's gettting child support, so in reality her mortgage is covered, and all her job has to cover is utilities and food (how easy it that to earn with a fulltime job?) and she makes good money... then the next week i hear how she got a babysitter and went out to dinner with her friends at newport bay... drives me crazy. cuz we really are broke and we dont' get child support or anything besides hubby's salary, and have lots of bills. we have some luxuries like cable but that's soon to go. internet we have to have for hubby's work (whew) so that won't go away. just frustrates me to no end to talk to her. good thing she doesn't live close so i can always claim a kid emergency to get off the phone with her, and I don't have to see her. but then i think, can i afford to lose any friends when i have so few?
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    Adopt: my friend ASSUMED I was playing farmtown on the computer when she jumped on me but either way what I do in my own home is my business I am not a child. The whole story is I had 12 people for dinner. I made 9 lbs of pork roast, 3 boxes of rice a roni and 3 cans of beans. Two of the kids eating were gonna be late, one after work and one after church. So I said to make sure to leave them some food. So we all got dinner and as we were about to be finished my friends daughter and boyfriend asked if they could have milk. I said yes but make sure there is some for my son for breakast. She had a fit about me saying that. But the kids usually get the biggest glass and will drink 2 glasses if you don't say something. Then just as my son needed pickup up from church, she left at the same time Ashley did to go get him and she told those who were leaving that there were kids inside who still were hungry and there wasn't enough food so she went and got her, her daughter and her boyfriend Burger King and came back and they ate in the livingroom. There was plenty of food, they each had a large plate full. Yes there wasn't enough for seconds but they weren't starving. It isn't necessary for everyone to try to eat a pound of meat and a box of rice apiece!! That was just totally embarrassing and humiliating to me. I didn't even talk the rest of the night. We watched a movie and when we were sitting in the dark I sat there crying and trying not to let anyone know. The proper thing to do would have been to get Burger King on their way home if they were still hungry. Those kids just inhale large plate of food and get more before their stomach tells them it has food! I just can't get over feeling so embarrased. I don't even want to do our "family night" dinners anymore and we have done this for 9 yrs now
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    Aww so sorry you went through that Crazybee ... that was totally uncalled for from your friend... I don't even know what I would do in that situation... probably never cook again! I hope it all works out for you :flowerforyou:

    So for myself... day two of actually eating right, drinking my water and back to walking... was even able to get up early this morning to walk... first time in 3 week for that :smile: But wow am I tired now lol I think I'm hitting the hay early tonight.

    I still haven't been able to join the gym... something always seems to come up (financially) but I'm not giving up... hoping within the next month... that is if Hubby gets back to work soon... he's a taxi driver and last week some lady hit him... he wasn't hurt but his vehicle was totaled ... gonna be a while before they get a new cab... and that means no income until he's back to work :frown:

    Well that's it for me... I'm off to bed... starting to see double, must mean I'm tired :laugh: have a great night everyone!!
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    Just checking in -

    Only two more days til my doc and nutrition appointment. I'm really hoping they can help me with my level of frustration :(

    Sorry, I'm pouty and NOT good company right now concerning exercise, foods, emotions and all the other mess that goes into weight loss. It's like I'm in "hunker down" mode and I only have the attention it takes to concentrate on me. I just don't have any words of wisdom or even encouragement ~ I know this will change soon, when I get my second wind but in the meantime, I'm not hanging out much on MFP. I'm the kind of person that goes away when they have nothing productive to offer - nothing personal and I promise when I am able to adjust my attitude, I'll be back full throttle.... cuz I love youse guys. Just wanted you to know...

  • Update:

    Starting Weight- 149 lbs as of 10/23
    Starting Waist- 33" as of 10/23

    Today I did a practice fitness test and did better than I thought I would.

    43 push ups in one minute
    42 situps in one minute
    32.5" waist
    Weight 147
    12:53 mile and a half run

    My goal for January's fitness test is below, so I am getting there.

    Fitness Test Goal (January 2010):
    Run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes flat or less
    30” waist or less
    47 push ups in one minute
    54 sit ups in one minute
    Weight 140lbs

    HealthyMOM2009- Thanks for the encouragement. Last night was a rough night. I laid her down at 7:30 and she refused to lay down on her own. So after rocking, back rubs, lots of bedtime songs she fell asleep at 9:00. In the past I used the book "Good Night Sleep Tight" and she was sleeping on her own with in a week. It was amazing. So I am going to try it again. For some reason the last few days she hasn't wanted to go to sleep on her own. Thanks again for the support!
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    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a group to join - maybe this one is it?
    I'm at weight maintenance, but yo-yoing, so I need some way to be accountable to stick to my calorie goal, and posting it would help.
    Also, I have a fitness goal. I just finished one leg of a Triathalon, 26 km cycling through mountains, but had to push my bike up the hill. I want to be able to do it in May, the entire way, with a respectable time. I'm not really an athlete, so any tips on how I can get this fit would be appreciated.