Randon question - smooth legs!

cask16 Posts: 196 Member
So after begining to work out properly Im feeling much happier about getting my legs out this summer BUT it does mean I seem to
be shaving them all the time!

I don't know if I'm just crazily hairy but I its getting to be a pain and it cant be good for my skin.
Has anyone got any reccomendations as I dont know if Im brave enough to wax or rich enough for laser hair removal.

Advice please?


  • cobracars
    cobracars Posts: 949 Member
    I'm a guy with hairy legs.
    When I started C25K I wanted to see my muscles working, I wanted to NOT have pasty white skin, and I wanted it to be easier for the massage therapist to do my legs.
    So I picked up some Nair for Men and have been hairless on my legs for about 4 weeks now.
    It's inexpensive, doesn't give me razor stubble from the ends of the hair being cut, and it seems to last a long time. I know some people are sensitive to depilatories but I haven't had any reaction to it.