Take a picture before you eat it.

I know it sounds a bit extreme, but somone mentioned to take a digital picture of your food before you eat it. I know you can't do that with every meal, but I think it would slow down my eating . The person also said they can review their meals at the end of the day. I think this would be good for people who are trying to get modivated to start loosing.


  • virichi08
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    lol, if i werent on MFP i wud do that, but since im adding up my meals and the ingrediants that goes in my meals, seeing the calories add up makes me slow down. if i start taking pics i just might tip over to the eating disorder side of the house. =/ im serious.
  • leserpent
    leserpent Posts: 27 Member
    I do this!! that's what instagram is for!

    but only if the food looks mouth-watering haha... don't want anyone to see disastrous cooking results...
  • I LIKE that idea:) tks

    must admit thats kinda funny too...lol
  • Like any good twitter user, I've got this one down.
  • ElizaRoche
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    ive always thought doing that is tacky.. sorry, not for me!
  • Purple_Orchid_87
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    i take pictures of my meals of my meals - its nice to go back and see what they look like, plus, if someone says to me that dieting is boring, i show them real food, meat, veg etc and prove that they dont have to live on mass produced diet bars and meal replacement shakes