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The Jeans from 6 years ago finally fit!!

So I've been on Myfitnesspal for just about 1 year now, but I've been no stranger to dieting and going up and down in weight... I've always been the biggest of the 3 sisters and struggled with being much bigger than my friends most of my life too. Looking back, I looked fantastic in high school, but I wasn't as tiny as my friends so it always bothered me. I was a chubby girl from about 4th-8th grade and finally slimmed up in high school, but never felt too happy with my body.

Anyways, when I got to college, I was a bit bigger and the lack of sports had led to me start to gain weight. Before I gained the Freshman 15, my college roommate in the dorms and I decided to try out weight watchers and actually lost weight rather than gaining it. I was the smallest I'd ever been in a long time and I was so happy! I celebrated by buying the most expensive pair of jeans I'd ever owned! I loved them! But motivation slowly faded and I gained too much weight back. When they stopped fitting, I hid them in the bottom of the closet and didn't touch them.

That was when I was just barely 19. I remember wearing them not long after my 19th birthday, but not much longer after that. Anyways, since then, I've gone up and down, and every time I was going in the down direction, I would aim to fit in them again. But I never made it. Not until now!

Friday night, about 6 years later, I thought I'd try them on, not expecting to be able to button them up comfortably, but to my surprise, they zipped right up and I didn't have a huge muffin top hanging over them! They fit and they looked good!


I can't even tell you how great this feels! Maybe it's that I'm more mature this time around or maybe I'm just sick of playing this yo-yo game, but this time at weight loss has been different. I've really changed my lifestyle! I enjoy healthy eating and cooking and I feel fantastic after a great burn at the gym. Rather than giving up after reaching a plateau, I've just continued to log, eat right and stay active and it has truly paid off. I feel small!

I would like to drop another dress size and 10 more lbs and be the smallest I can ever remember, but if it doesn't ever happen, I won't be too upset. I've done a great job and I look the best I have in years! :)



  • maroonmango211
    maroonmango211 Posts: 908 Member
    awesome job! it feels great to finally be able to put on that old favorite pair of jeans after years.
  • QueenChar75
    I am sure this feeling is definitely worth your hardwork and dedication!
  • allisonmrn
    allisonmrn Posts: 721 Member
    Great job!!! Such a good feeling, congrats
  • hapilymarried2006
    hapilymarried2006 Posts: 27 Member
    awesome I just recently did the same thing its crazy how good it feels great job keep up the good work :)
  • raebels
    raebels Posts: 45 Member
    Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling to get into that pair of jeans. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Sounds like you're doing great! =)
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    That's amazing!!!!
  • MissC787
    MissC787 Posts: 175 Member
    Woo Hoo! Look at you go! :) You look great!
    I know how great you feel after recently getting back into jeans I had grown out of. It's a great accomplishment! You can whip thru those last 10 pounds. Keep at it, and DON'T GIVE UP! :)
  • alitarose
    alitarose Posts: 103 Member
    Love this! i have a pair of jeans also that I've put in the bottom of the drawer. I need to be around 140 to fit in them. You make me believe I can!! Thanks.
  • mom2dms
    mom2dms Posts: 152 Member
    yay!! way to go!!
  • osewcute
    osewcute Posts: 244 Member
  • gnat45
    gnat45 Posts: 833 Member
    They do look great on you! I'm in a similar position, fitting back into jeans I wore in colege.
  • Vyshness8699
    Vyshness8699 Posts: 390 Member
    That's AMAZING!!!!
  • shauna121211
    shauna121211 Posts: 575 Member
    Thanks for the kind words! I'm really happy to hear that I have inspired some of you! :)
  • vanessalillian82
    vanessalillian82 Posts: 350 Member
    You look great in those jeans! I have a pair of inspiration jeans just sitting in the drawer, waiting for me to lift my game. But their time will come :)
  • newmrsdec10
    newmrsdec10 Posts: 361 Member
    Awesome job! What a great NSV! Definitely want that feeling so thanks for the encouragement!
  • HelenDootson
    HelenDootson Posts: 443 Member
    I so know where you are coming from, I go into my pre baby jeans this weekend, and my baby is now 11! The most amazing buzz! You look great in those jeans - Wear with pride :)
  • ShaunaLouiseGetsFit
    well done girl :)
  • katrinkap
    katrinkap Posts: 443 Member
    great job! that is an amazing accomplishment and you deserve all the great things coming to you! well done!
  • itsrebec
    itsrebec Posts: 38
    My sister-in-law (the person who got me on this site) says she will stop dieting when she can fit into her goal jeans. She calls them her "spectacular *kitten* jeans." Love it!

    Good luck!
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,853 Member
    Oh wow, great job!!! those jeans DO look awesome :happy:
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