I've never ever had....



  • NotSurprised
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    I've never ever had food at one sitting in excess of five pounds I think now I'm talking about actual weight and not the calories, which I'm sure I most likely had many o many o times. that's right O.:laugh:
  • NotSurprised
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    Man here goagain':smile:

    I've never ever had an Elvis special sandwich you know the peanut butter, banana, bacon I believe grilled sandwich.
  • JoyousMaximus
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    I've had pizza in Italy, it sucks. Little flat thing, basically a piece of bread with tomato sauce on it. If you want cheese you have to order cheese. Pizza sorta came from italy, but it was developed and perfected by Italian-Americans in New York and/or Chicago.

    I've never had Mustard greens. I like Collards, and Kale, and Spinach, so I'm pretty sure I'd like them, but never had them.
    What part of Italy? because that sounds like Naples style pizza. In Rome, it's made in huge sheet. You tell them how big a peice you want and they cut it for you. Most of the kinds don't even have sauce on them.. And it is AMAZING! I miss it So much.

    and I just saw the answer to my question...
  • MercuryBlue
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    Never had Chocolate covered Bacon. Saw it at the fair this year. Yuck!!! I love Bacon and Chocolate but together ewwwwwww! :sick:

    A few weeks ago I had pork ribs and chocolate cake. The ribs had a sweet sauce and the chocolate cake was so moist and rich. The meat was a little over-cooked and dry and... god. Was SO GOOD with the chocolate cake! Hmmmmmmm.....


    Carry on.
  • JoyousMaximus
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    Most of my "never had"s are things I want to try: Allegator, rabbit, purple potato, escargo, poi, the list goes on...

    For those mentioning ostrich burgers, their really tasty. There are a couple places around where I live that serve them.
  • NotSurprised
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    I've Never Ever Had Horse Meat. There I said It Now Deal With It, I Know I Will. hahahahha And No I'm Not Yelling Talking Very Loudly Is More Like It.lol:)
  • Vallandingham
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    Now I love all ice cream and I love garlic, but I have never ever eaten garlic ice cream and I can tell you I dont have any intentions doing so.....but lobster yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyy

    Went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival a couple of years ago.. Tried the Garlic Ice Cream. It was good.

    I've never had tapioca. Never will. Don't like those foods that fall in between solids and liquids. Pudding, Jello, etc.
  • JoyousMaximus
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    I have a coworker that has never had a grilled cheese sandwich. We went out to lunch and she asked up what it was.
  • nolachick
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    Corn dogs are gross... something about the breading on them, I dunno... ruins the flavor. I'd rather just have the hotdog. :laugh:

    I've never had lobster. I hear its a lot like crab (which I love!) but something about a tail on a plate just disturbs me.

    corn dogs are yummy I like them with mustard AND ketchup.

    lobster is delicious - especially garlic and butter on the bbq grilled. ymm
  • nolachick
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    I've never had Sushi, I would like to one day preferably sooner rather than later. Also Red Velvet Cake it sounds good just saying Red Velvet Cake. Oh well one day.
    I have made Red Velvet cake it is my skinny husband's favorite!!!!

    Sounds so goooood
    Never had sushi or red velvet cake either
    Looking forward to the cake, I'll pass on the shushi :wink:

    I've also never ANY seafood
    NO lobster, crabs, mussels, clams, fish of any kind...

    no seafood? WHAT? are u for real? you are missing out on some good stuff. (chargrilled oysters, garlic shrimp, lobster, etc)
    I used to gag at the thought of sushi now I love it - try spicy crawfish or spicy tuna, not too bad for a beginner
  • MissingMinnesota
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    I agree with the no seafood. I prefer not to eat the rats and cockroaches of the sea. The thought of having to clean out the doo doo from something before I eat it is just not appetizing.

    I also have never had spam and I grew up about 50 miles from the hormel plant that made it.
  • CrystalT
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    I've never had a deep fried snickers bar... I hear it's great...
    but not everything should be deep fried....
    :bigsmile: OR MAYBE IT SHOULD...:laugh:

    I've eaten 1 once, and only once. Why? Because it was so good I ate 1 and wanted about 10 more!!! Luckily, I was a broke college kid and couldn't afford to buy more than 1.
  • NotSurprised
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    I've Never ever had Caviar foreign or domestic. hahahaha:laugh:
  • BillyC96
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    I've never had snails or mussels, I would like to try the snails--no go on the mussels.

    You have that backwards. The snails are boring and mussels aren't. Nuff said!

    I'm the type that sees something on a menu I've never had and orders it. Go for it! You only live once and you never know, you might banish a preconceived notion and LOVE it.

    But, I don't like liver, lima beans, or squash.(qualifier, I like some squash but not others) I would never eat brains or testicles. My policy is if I have one (or two) I don't need to eat it.
  • karenjoy
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    I have never had offal and don't intend to either!