Severe Arthritis..could use ideas

Hi Everyone. I have severe arthritis in my knee and back. I was walking daily but my doctor recently took away my aleve and other arthritis meds because of side effects. :sad: My question to you all is does anyone know any exercises that I can do that I don't have to worry about the pain or my knee giving out. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance. :drinker:


  • misslee1959
    Swimming is good! Low impact on all your joints and you can get a really great workout!!
  • rherington
    rherington Posts: 85 Member
    Check out DDP yoga.
  • NikkiHann17
    NikkiHann17 Posts: 126 Member
    What is DDP Yoga never heard of it.
  • kaydensmom12
    I have severe arthritis also. I have to take motrin before working out, and my knees still hurt then also. Swimming is very nice, the elliptical is also meant to be easier on the joints.