Boo! I just ate.....

SLE0803 Posts: 145 Member
:laugh: I just ate an entire jar of garlic stuffed green olives. Although I am still under my calories for the day, I am WAAAAAAYYYYYYY over on sodium. I have trouble with bloating and retaining water even though I only drink water and coffee all day. Whoops. Tomorrow I will be the good year blimp with all the water I will be Make sure you wave to me floating by when you see me. ;)


  • shaynak112
    shaynak112 Posts: 751 Member
    Green olives are so good! LOL!
    Ahh it happens ... at least you're not over calories ... make sure you decrease your sodium tomorrow! :P
  • megleo818
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    Oh, that's so AWESOME! I never knew who to wave to before when I saw that thing float by! Thanks -- I'll be the one with the red carnation in my lapel. :happy:
  • meechi53
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    Just think..

    Blimps make people smile. :-)

    Anyone ever seen someone frown at the sight of a blimp?