How do you...

count the 30 day shred in your exercise diary? Started it today but I'm not sure I logged it correctly.


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    Help is at the top of any page...

    From "help"

    My favorite exercise is not in the database.

    Our cardio exercise database is always undergoing revision. Currently most of the entries are for standard exercises whose calories are easily calculated with the right personal data such as your weight.

    Many popular exercise routines consist of complex series of movements, so the calories burned vary greatly for each individual.

    Popular requests that we are already considering adding are:

    Xbox Kinect
    Les Mills
    Jillian Michaels
    Bikram Yoga

    and several others.

    We hope to add these items at some point in the future, when we have determined the best way to calculate the calories burned.

    In the meantime if you roughly know how many calories you are burning via a heart rate monitor, etc., then you can add the exercise in yourself. Just go to "cardiovascular" and then "create new exercise". This will be for your personal database and not the main database.

    Or for a "rough" estimate, you could also try substituting something similar like a dance class or yoga practice already in our database.
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    circuit training.