How exactly does sugar make you fat?



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    Sugar intake impact on insulin is a non-factor if you're in a calorie deficit because there aren't surplus calories to store as fat. If you are on balance or in excess with calories there is probably some impact depending on the insulin sensitivity of the person and other factors like genetics.
    Many believe weight loss is about calories in and calories out, when in reality it's about controlling insulin. Sugar raises insulin significantly, and the body can take this as a signal to store fat. Choose all sugars sparingly and opt for more complex carbs.

    Insulin is just one of many factors which contribute to weight loss and gain.
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    If you really like sugar though, like sugary fruits etc, then you have to quit ALL fats and protein, and stick to fruit and greens only.

    Ummmm, no. That is dangerously terrible advice to be throwing around on a forum.
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    It doesn't really "make" you fat in the sense that there is something inherent in it. Sugar/Sugars are energy. They have no other purpose. When you feed your body sugars it raises insulin which tells your body start processing it for energy. Which means it doesn't need to deal with synthesis fat stores for energy. Proteins and fats can be used for cell repair, lubrication, etc..other things. When you constantly feed your body energy that it isn't using it then allocates that to fat stores to save for later. So its can build into your fat stores. Glucose also binds with water in the muscles but those stores can fill up and 'spill out' and then you get the effects of water retention.

    So basically what you're saying is sugar is only used for energy, so because it can easily become energy in excess, it can easily be turned into fat. While proteins and fats are used for other functions, so it doesn't become excess energy as easily, therefore the body won't allocate them to fat stores to save for later. Correct?

    Sorry if that was confusing.

    All Macronutrients contain energy aka calories. Eat any of it in excess of what you use up and you will store fat. But when sugars/carbs tend to be the bulk of an individuals caloric intake and they don't need that energy, yes they will be stored as fat.
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    Sugar And High Fructose Corn Syrup Found To Perform Equally On A Reduced Calorie Diet:
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    Glucose will circulate after being digested. Fructose gets processed by the liver before use or storage. They are processed differently although they are simple sugars.