Trouble with water retention...questions....

I joined MFP a while back, lost some weight, got a new job with TONS of travel, gained a bunch of weight, got another new job (no travel), and now I am back to lose weight again. I just finished my first week back on MFP.

I have never had a ton of problems with water retention until recently. I have been tracking my sodium and it is under most days. I drink a TON of water (a minimum of 60oz a day, usually more). I only drink water, coffee, and 1 glass of milk a day. I am still have trouble with retaining water. I wake up bloated every morning and stay bloated most of the day. At night I feel less bloated, but I know I am still retaining water. Will it eventually go away? Does my body need to adjust to the increased water intake (I used to drink a lot of diet pop and not a lot of water)? Anyone know of anything that can help?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

Btw, I am 250lbs 5'6"


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    bump. Anyone?
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    Try drinking a cup of tea. I believe the tannic acid in tea has a diuretic effect. If that doesn't help, honestly, see your doctor to be sure there's not something going on. Most likely, it's nothing, but water retention and bloating are benign symptoms that, while most of the time are nothing, could be an issue.