Opinions Chia vs Flaxseed

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I just bought some Chia. Do you grind it like flaxseed or use as is? Which do you like better Chia or Flax? Why?


  • As far as I know, chia is the new whiz-bang thing to consume. It's supposed to naturally provide you with energy. I use them both in my smoothies, ground up.
  • I never grind them up purposely. I'll either sprinkle them on dry foods or put them in smoothies. I don't like them to get wet before I eat them because I can't stand their consistency. For wet foods, like cereal or yogurt, I'll use flax. I also sprinkle hemp seeds on my foods as well if you're looking for another super food. :)
  • redraidergirl2009
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    You use chia seeds as they come and they do not need to be ground up to be used.

    I get them because they don't need to be ground and have a good source of calcium and I'm vegan so I get my calcium from plant sources. There's also controversial research on if flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens that act like estrogen negatively in the body, while other research says they do nothing, or that they actually level out estrogen in the body.

    Here's a website that talks about the nutrients and benefits of each seed

  • emilygh1974
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    Well I'll be dang. I've never ground up my flaxseed...
  • denezy
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    Flax needs to be ground in order to be absorbed. Don't think chia does, but I use them in homemade protein bars as they have a bit of a gelatinous texture and bonds stuff together. I love them, but always have floss in my purse now.
  • pucenavel
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    Chia is best for growing on terra cotta :happy:
  • FlaxMilk
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    Nutrition wise I give the edge to chia, but for things like mixing in to a fruit dish or yogurt, I'd much rather use ground flax.
  • Enigmatica
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    I use both (ground) in my breakfast smoothie. They each have slightly different benefits. The link above offers good info.
  • mzhokie
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    I mix chia seeds whole into my yogurt and eggs. It's good to let chia seeds absorb moisture.... I mix them into my greek yogurt before I go get on the treadmill. Then eat it after I get done as my treat. I mix them into my scrambled eggs before I cook them, go about a few other things I need to do in the mornings and then cook them.
  • mzhokie
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    also if I am making soups.... I throw them in to add some nutrition to the soup. Depends on what it is but I have thrown them into pasta sauce, soups, chili, etc. too.
  • kimothy38
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    Well I'll be dang. I've never ground up my flaxseed...
    I only every buy ground flaxseed. I can't remember the exactly reason why it's better for you, I think it's easier to digest and your body can absorb the nutrients better.