BMR complex for thyroid health...opinions??

SLE0803 Posts: 145 Member
I have thyroid issues(Hashimotos) and I have a friend that swears by this supplement for thyroid health.

I was just wondering if anyone has used it and has any opinions. I am not typically the person who jumps on the bandwagon when I hear one person claim wonders with a pill. However, if my thyroid issues could be alleviated I would be really really really happy. (on synthoid, but still exhausted all the time, etc). Next time I go for a check-up I plan on asking my doc, but in the meantime I was looking for your opinions....


  • yarwell
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    did you read the review on Amazon

    "i would have loved to have taken this product for long term, it did give me a lift in my energy level but unfortunately i could not stomach the side effects, it caused a lot of abdominal pain and bloating, so i then had to stop and my hypothyroid symptoms returned."
  • bathsheba_c
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    This sounds like a good opportunity for you to go visit your doctor to get your medication levels adjusted, rather than taking some supplement that isn't even FDA regulated (no supplements are FDA regulated, by the way).