Obnoxious Advertising

jlapey Posts: 1,850 Member
I guess I'm not part of the demographic that the majority of advertisements are targeting. I've NEVER felt compelled to purchase a product from a company that irritates the crap out of me and that's exactly what MOST commercials do. Do yelling and loud, obnoxious sound affects really work? There is a car company here that I vow to never buy a car from simply because their commercials make my ears bleed. ( two men speaking really loudly for a very long time with exaggerated inflections) I take great pleasure in turning the radio OFF when that commercial comes on. Also, I start yelling "shut-up already" at any commercial that repeats their phone number/website more than twice in a row. In this age of technology, it is unnecessary. If I miss/can't remember the number, I'll Google it. What advertisements do you find MOST ANNOYING??