Do squats make YOUR butt hurt?

I started doing P90, and noticed that the sciatic nerve running down my butt and leg is really sore after I do these...not the muscle, but the nerve. (I have a long standing problem with the nerves in my back and leg)

Does anyone know if doing lunges and squats are bad for this? I'm wondering if doing wall squats would be better and give the same results.


  • rstarks54
    Inflammation of the muscle can sometimes put provide pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain. Sometimes extra stretching before and after can help alleviate this. Squats and lunges do utilize the muscles that can cause this pain. Instead of doing a full squat or lunge, how about just a partial? Build yourself up as your pain decreases...Best to you always, Rick
  • AmandaB4588
    I have NO IDEA what the right answer to this is but definitely don't do them until you find out! It is not worth the risk--- my dad just pinched his sciatic nerve and has been in tremendous pain.

    I would ask a doctor just to be safe!