Good bye to weight Loss?

I Can No Longer afford my internet... (For a cupp months)I Got unlimited on my phone although its verry slow i can track my exercise and food.

What im worried about is exercise!!! I Do all my workout videos on youtube!! My fiancce said he take me on the trail to walk/jogg 4x a week...

Will This Hinder my weight loss?

I Plan on getting workout videos in a cupp. weeks..

But i did make meal plans so i will be cooking 80 percent of the time

Any Advice Thanks!?


  • texaricangirasol
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    print out some in home workouts that you can follow ( print out some routes around your home that can help you keep up a pace (

    Get videos that you will like. You can always try to find a local library and log in for information. May be find a friend that you will feel comfortable using the internet and working out with them.

    If you are going to be cooking at home most of the time and your fiance is able to take you 4x/week then a few months on your own should not hinder your progress, if you are motivated to continue your routine and work towards your goals.

    Adapt quickly to the change and you will do fine.
  • Nessalee77
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    I don't know if this is true where you live but here in Aus you can get workout dvds free at the local library - maybe have a look?
  • ruststar
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    Walking, running, and any kind of body weight resistance training is free and doesn't require a video to do. The public library will have books you can check out if you feel better having a plan.
  • cramernh
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    Good to see you came back - I remember you under Rylansmommy12....

    If you can no longer afford internet - how will you access
  • Keiko385
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    Download your favorite Youtube videos to your hard drive using this link and burn them to a DVD

    its simple if you follow the directions and you will have a custom workout in no time