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  • FrauHausMausFrauHausMaus Posts: 194Member Posts: 194Member
    I like hiking because it doesn't FEEL like exercise, but I am torching calories. Riding a bike is the same way. I'm not talking cross country riding a bike, just cruising along at the park or something. Nothing too stressful. Sports can be fun, if you're into that sort of thing. I'd rather go to the gym than play sports though.
  • GurleyGirl524GurleyGirl524 Posts: 585Member Member Posts: 585Member Member
    gardening, swimming, playing outside with the kids, and dancing for sure!!!!
  • jiddu17jiddu17 Posts: 187Member Member Posts: 187Member Member
    I'm with others, sex and dancing.

    One of the best parts about having a four year old and trying to exercise is that he wants to do everything with me. dancing with him, sports in the backyard, running bases or hills at the park. We both get outside, we both get exercise and we get to spend time together.
  • stepgingerlystepgingerly Posts: 15Member Posts: 15Member
    Another vote for geocaching. Just make sure you have your gps set before you drive to whatever location and start from as far away as you want to walk. You can add as much walking/jogging as you want this way. Or you can pick geocaches that involve kayaking to the location, etc. Last week's involved tree-climbing (unusual). They're rated by difficulty of terrain, so you can choose ones that are hard to get to if you want.
  • xxvoguexxvogue Posts: 182Member Member Posts: 182Member Member
    I used to horseback ride a lot and for long hours (generally training hard to ride horses, so I had to use every muscle). Snorkeling is another great one. I went scalloping in like 7 feet of water last weekend, and several places online said I burnt about 1000 calories doing it.
  • GlitterMamma11GlitterMamma11 Posts: 146Member Member Posts: 146Member Member
    Bike riding has become my new favorite! I have a bum ankle and it makes aerobic stuff no fun. My ankle feels great now. I sweat and I can feel my muscles getting stronger! I've also been swimming this summer and I can really feel it in my arms. We swim out to the buoys and back a couple times and I'm sucking wind when we are done. It's fun and doesn't feel like work!
  • rextcatrextcat Posts: 1,412Member Member Posts: 1,412Member Member
    mowing a yard with a roatery push mower
  • GlitterMamma11GlitterMamma11 Posts: 146Member Member Posts: 146Member Member
    If you are running the tiller do you live on a farm or other larger property? I have heard flippling big- and I mean big- tires is a killer workout. I am not where I can try it but that might be a change of pace. Or if you do live on a farm could you set up an obstacle course for yourself? If you ahd access to hay barrels or something. Anything you can run around, jump over or climb through. Just some thoughts that are not your typical workout

    I am LIKING this idea!! Yes, we have almost 300 acres total, my yard is 5 acres.

    I just saw something on Pinterest about making a playground for kids out of nature. Use tree stumps for them to jump across ect. You could make yourself a playground! :o)
  • Anyaaaa11Anyaaaa11 Posts: 242Member Posts: 242Member
    I'm the same way, I dont like doing things if I have to consider them as exercise cause then it just feels like a chore!

    Anyway what I do is go out with my siblings or friends: biking,rollerblading, running, walking, swim or even yoga. These are all WAY too fun to be classed as exercise(: I think of it as "active play".
  • mystikalbeanzmystikalbeanz Posts: 192Member Member Posts: 192Member Member
    My daughters 4 and loves playing the just dance games for the wii so we try to play for 30 mins if not more a night. I also just got her the Just Dance for Kids and she loves it! Im glad that shes up and moving, i burn extra calories on top of my normal workout and we have fun doing it!! When i first starting playing it i was surprise how it gets your heart going when you try to keep up and do exactly what they do! Good Luck on finding what works for you!
  • ShaunaLaNeeShaunaLaNee Posts: 188Member Member Posts: 188Member Member
    Sex. Duh. :bigsmile:

    Sex for sure burns calories:) haha;)
  • citizencrpcitizencrp Posts: 228Member Member Posts: 228Member Member
    Be a tourist? When I visit a city, I always pick a spot and walk from there. I definitely take breaks, but I often find that at the end of a day, I've walked at a decent pace on and off for 5 hours plus.
    I live in a city, too, but something happens when I'm away from home that makes me walk and walk and walk and go to a museum and walk some more then walk back to my hotel then walk to my restaurant for dinner.

    Or help a friend move...avoid the urge to hide when a friend asks for help with this awful task.
    Admittedly, I'd never do this one. I hate packing and moving, but I know for sure it's a good workout.
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