Getting On the horse for the Zillionth time.

Morning, wow I have not written on here for a while. Anyways I have been stuck for a while. We moved 2 months ago and I stopped p90x and started running.( I was on week 3 of p90X @ the time) the running has been wonderfuk, but for some reason I just have not motivated myself to get beyond the hump I am in. I keep staying around 165-168. I hate 168 (lol)
what have you done to just get back up and push for real, because I am working our but I am not constantly on top of it like I was when I lost 50lbs.
As I write I know what I need to do, I can look back and see the things I did, but for some reason they seem a bit foreign to me. I dont want to be defeated but that feeling keeps wanting to creep back up. The feeling of accetping that it is what it is. I was 168 when I lost weight after my 1st baby 2 yrs ago, and now after my 2nd I am stuck at 168 again. AHHHHH. Its so darn fustrating.
I have been very fit at various points of my life before children and I want to get back there. I guess Im looking for the "you can dot it" and "get off of your behind girl."
Well Today is a new day, its pretty early in the day so I have no excuse for popping in a dvd and working my butt off.


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    Found my motivation for all of you devoted fans out there. Thanks for all the posts you have been great. LOL Just did ripped in 30 gonna do a short run. Feels great. Gonna have to keep this up everyday.