can you recommend a pre-workout energy bar?

i am off to the gym and they have a wide selection of energy and meal replacement bars. What do you think the best option would be? If you live in the u.s. , especially in the midwest, and want to recommend a brand that would be great.

I am looking for something with lots of protein, moderate carbs and low fat. 200 calories or less would be awesome. this is not for a meal replacement it would be considered a pre workout snack. Energy is the key, and fullness so if there is something in it that will make me feel more full that would be good.

Low sugar is important because I am coming off of a serious sugar addiction and any sugar at all sets it in motion, i can't control myself! so nothing that tastes too much like a dessert with frosting and such.

If you can't recommend a brand, maybe you could recommend what level of protein, carbs fat, sugar etc to look for in a good pre-workout bar. i will be doing about an hour of moderate cardio and some very light weights.

thank you in advance!!