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Ok, so might not be much, but, while getting ready for bed tonight I realised that I have NO long sleeve anything that I can wear. So what do I do? Its a little chilly here at night lately and we like our window open and fan on yet. lol So, I ask my 16 yr. old bean pole of a son if he has any long sleve thermals I can try for tonight. I thought it would be super tight and look horrid, but what the heck, I'm just sleeping so who cares? Well, it does look horrid, cuz its too big and baggy! WooHoo! BTW, he and I are also trading our school logo sweatshirts, he needs my large now (good thing for a 16 yr old boy) and I need his Med.! :smile:

SW = 186
CW = 145.5
GW = 140
UGW= 135

Height 5'4"
Age 37

Edit: I know my ticker only says 10 lbs lost, the 1st 30 were lost before I found MFP.


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