well..thats never happened to me before.....

megsmom2 Posts: 2,362 Member
We went to a gathering last night, with a lot of folks we haven't seen in several months. I look very different. Ive been working hard and it shows...and I dressed to show it off a little. I got several...ok, many....comments of " you look amazing!".... which really felt great! And then...a couple of people saying "you're on maintainance now, right....?" Wait..you think I am too thin? Me? Ive never been anything close to thin in my life, and I'm not thin now. I know these folks are coming from a place of genuine concern not snarkiness, but it just felt so strange! I have a bit more weight to lose, but I have no intention of getting down into very thin...I'm not a tiny person by build or nature!
I'm still really grinning about all the positive feedback. It feels so good to know the work ive been putting in gets noticed, as well as the health benefits Im reaping! A big NSV in my book!


  • futurestarz
  • lorettaasmith
    lorettaasmith Posts: 418 Member
    Bask in in! You deserve it!
  • Sweetpea64
    Sweetpea64 Posts: 21 Member
    That must feel amazing.....enjoy that feeling and be proud of you!
  • sweetpea1076
    sweetpea1076 Posts: 10 Member
    Well done, big pat on your back! :happy:
  • maryesser
    Always a great feeling when that happens :-). In terms of the 'concerns' of others, just remember that these are YOUR goals. Sometimes, when people see what they may consider a sudden weight loss, they may think you are doing something unhealthy to achieve it. As long as you know differently, keep on keepin' on :-). Congratulations on your success so far, too!
  • lanie37
    lanie37 Posts: 204 Member
    great NSV and a great boost to push you on in the right direction.
  • allnewellie
    Yea for you! I can't wait for that to happen...LOL
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