Back to school teacher = diet fail!

I did so well these past 3 weeks - lost 6 pounds and feel fantastic! Started back to school this week and did not eat well (was under calories but a lot of bread and carbs) and did not make it to the gym for as long or as hard as I am used to doing ... giving myself this week to adjust and the weekend to grocery shop to prepare for travel/school food --- anyone have good quick easy lunches???


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    once school starts, i make my lunch the night before. it is the only way i survive. i make a salad with some cut up chicken. whatever you plan to have, the ten minutes the night before will make your morning so much easier. good luck!
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    Amy's Bowls. You can find them in the frozen food section. LOVE the flavor, too.

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    I pack my healthy lunches the night before. It's worth it for me, because it means I stick to healthy eating even when I'm busy.
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    I'm the same way, just started with kids today. I've been working on preparing my meals the night before and being sure I have a several protein snacks to eat when the kids are out of the room. I've found that having some apples and oranges around help a little bit. I have also been having a much larger (and higher protein) breakfast than normal and have found that that helps me throughout the day better.

    As far as working out, that's been harder too. I have been getting up before school to walk/run on the treadmill or take the dog for a jaunt around the neighborhood to get some exercise in. I think eating well, and at least trying to keep up with walking and maybe some home strength training would help. Just my thoughts.

    Have a great school year!
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    I am in the same fix as you! It is sooooo easy to give in to the temptation to just grab a quick fix and not pay attention to what we are shoving in our mouths.

    I keep protien bars, granola bars in my desk drawer and yogurt in my fridge. My planning period comes immediately after lunch period now, so I can just grab one of those and still get my work done.
  • my wife and I both teach, and are both on a high protein, low carb, lower calorie plan. If you'd like to 'friend' me, I'd be happy to let you look at my food diary.

    Our school hasn't started yet, but we have been talking about what to do.

    Some of the things we are looking at are: cottage cheese, low carb tortilla wraps, chicken breast, tuna, among other things.
  • I take leftovers all the time! Otherwise, I take some kind of fruit, some yogurt or cottage cheese, chicken or tuna, and cucumbers. They all pack really well and just need refrigeration or a lunch bag with an icepack. You can jazz the tuna and chicken up with all kinds of different spices and seasonings! The best thing that I have for all of this is definitely some good containers. I got some really nice divided trays at Target that portion and keep all the food separate.
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    divider trays are a good idea. i think i'm going to try buying some of your suggestions in bulk and take them in to school. i'll use my cubby in the teacher room as a fake pantry and the fridge --- maybe i can pretend i'm still at home and do it that way. i didn't mention that i have 5 kids of my own - so nights are usually spent w/ me getting their stuff ready for the next day. usually tapped out and neglect myself. anyone have good foods for the car as breakfast? i like to grab and go -- don't want to eat at 6:40 a.m. when i leave for work (teach high school) - and not usually hungry till 9 - but i make myself eat in the car on the way so that i have something. yogurt is an epic fail while driving -- and i'll eat the whole bag of nuts! anyone try the homemade breakfast muffins?
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    Did you ever see those mason jar salads on pinterest? You put your wet stuff on the bottom and the lettuce and dry-ish throngs on top. They are supposed to last for a week. I'm so glad you asked this question. I struggle with lunches at school, too!
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    We got on a "back to school schedule" recently. My wife is a school psychologist and returned this week. I do all of our cooking and keep a lot of tuna, chicken and turkey salad on hand. They're easy to mix into salads, which is kind of a mainstay for us these days. 2 - 3 days a week I substitute meat / fish protein for vegetable / soy proteins like black beans and edamame and I pack a protein shake (15 - 20 grams, but NOT more) every day for a snack. Protein energizes pretty well. ALSO, we're off wheat / gluten most days, so I emphasize the beans and soy products for those slow burn carbs that keep us from getting hungry. And no prepared foods / meals of any variety. The chemicals in them kind of mess up my appetite.
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    I don't even have an actual lunch, per se. I snack on healthy things throughout the day in smaller increments. Grape tomatoes and celery with peanut butter.

    Off topic, but I always find I have a harder time keeping weight off in the summer. Too much time to snack. The structure of the school schedule helps me stay on track better. *shrug*
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    High school teacher here too - for breakfast in the car (b/c I am sooo bad at getting up in the morning) - is either a Snackwell's Peanut Butter Protein Bar (140 calories - in teh cereal aisle at Publix, haven't been able to find it at wal-mart), or the Dole Fruit and Yogurt smoothie - it's in the frozen section, it's in a cup with a lid, and you get a Light fruit/vegetable mixed juice to put in the container with it, and shake it up in the conatiner on the way out the door, and drink in the car - I think it's 90 calories for the smoothie, then the juice, with the light version is about 40-50 calories, so about 130-140 calories total.
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    Amy's Bowls. You can find them in the frozen food section. LOVE the flavor, too.


    I just looked those up. These are loaded with sodium!
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