Flab to Fab

I started my journey June 2010 and have lost 59lbs. I've came a long way! I now have a 6pack and shooting for an 8 pack!!!


  • berlynn_j
    berlynn_j Posts: 299 Member
    Congrats! You look great. Keep up the good work!
  • Wow, great job!
  • cristeberga
    cristeberga Posts: 251 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good work!
  • estepteau
    estepteau Posts: 146
  • mrsains
    mrsains Posts: 104 Member
    Nice job! You are looking great!
  • Shantae785
    Shantae785 Posts: 15 Member
    So what did you do? you look great BTW!
  • BelleHeart
    BelleHeart Posts: 281 Member
    amaaaazing!! you go girl!!
  • freew67
    freew67 Posts: 348 Member
    What a dif, congrats! No doubt about how much hard work you have put in, just look your photos. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Bravo!

  • FarmGirl69
    FarmGirl69 Posts: 211
    You look phenomenal!! WTG!!
  • newmrsdec10
    newmrsdec10 Posts: 361 Member
    Great job! Congratulations!
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,492 Member
    I started my journey June 2010 and have lost 59lbs. I've came a long way! I now have a 6pack and shooting for an 8 pack!!!
    Time to do a Bikini competition then! New goal!

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  • danasings
    danasings Posts: 8,218 Member
    You look incredible!! What an inspiration!!
  • charelg
    charelg Posts: 599 Member
    Awesome! You got some and of steel!
  • That's amazing! Any good tips for a beginner? I really hate to run but I've been trying to run as much as I can! I think I just need some more motivation! Any tips will help! You look amazing
  • VictoriaWarren80
    VictoriaWarren80 Posts: 5 Member
    Uh, WOW!!! You look great. I like the fact that you took your time. I think people sometimes want to go to fast. I have lost 40 lb in a year. 30 from Jan to June. I am at a plateu and am getting very frustrated. I am changing it up a bit. Hopefully it will work. 30lb to go!! You are definitely inspiring!
  • Martucha123
    Martucha123 Posts: 1,093 Member
    you look fantastic!
  • OnMyWay4
    OnMyWay4 Posts: 264
    You look nothing less than AMAZING! What the heck are you doing??
  • noeasyweigh
    noeasyweigh Posts: 107 Member
    WOW! Great job! You look amazing!
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