Slimfast shakes

Does anyone else do flimfast, fit and active, or the walmart brand of shakes? Not as in " Two shakes and a meal" diet but just maybe use them for lunch or breakfast through out the week when busy? I've been doing this and also beefing them up a little. I add some frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, a banana, and a half cup of spinach. I was more wondering if anyone else spices up their shake and if so what do they put in it?


  • JenniferNoll
    JenniferNoll Posts: 367 Member
    I've never had any success with slimfast and weight loss. I have, however, used them when ill and unable to eat solid food.
  • wftiger
    wftiger Posts: 1,283 Member
    I use shakes but not those. Much cheaper and more protein, less calories and carbs to get the ones that weight lifters use. Ya, they have warnings about not using for weight loss but I don't use them every meal so no worries.

    They are good for a quick meal or snack and help me get to my protein goal. I like the Premier Nutrition, Pro Performance and Optimum Nutrition brands. All are so good tasting that you don't even think you are drinking something healthy. I usually throw in a tablespoon of chia seeds when I am shaking it up and keeps me pretty full.
  • kaitiebeth89
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    I've been doing 2 slim-fast shakes a day, breakfast and supper, for about a month now. Sometimes I only do one a day, but I have lost weight consistently. I don't add anything to my shakes though, as I think they are yummy enough. :smile: