Hamstring Injury?

I think I did something to my hamstring. I was running a lot in April and May; towards the middle of that spurt of running, the back of my thigh (especially on the outside) was sore. When I picked it back up in August, it was okay at first. Then it started hurting again.

I can run through the discomfort, and usually the pain subsides after I'm warmed up. But it's still that little twinge. It doesn't hurt when I walk--only when I run. And it doesn't really hurt at all outside running.

I am curious to know what sort of stretches and exercises I can do to fix whatever the problem is. I'm not too worried about it because I can work through the discomfort and it doesn't hurt unless I run. But should I be worried?


  • docktorfokse
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    Is it soreness or sharp pain? Soreness is fine, sharp pain is never okay.
  • khshaw
    khshaw Posts: 6 Member
    It's more of a soreness. I mean, sometimes there will be a random stronger twinge, but it's never a consistent sharp pain.
  • timboom1
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    Be careful on it. Once you pull a hamstring, it is very easy to re-injure it. Usually the issues are caused by muscle imbalances between your quads and hammies (which is actual 3 muscles.) There are a number of exercises you can do to strengthen the hamstrings. This is a link to just one of many RunnerWorld articles on this topic.

  • Giraffe33991
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    I have hamstring issues too. Make sure your running shoes are in good shape & get fitted for a decent pair at a run shop.

    Strengthening your core and stretching will help. (I found lying on floor crossing one leg over the other and pulling up my straight leg was an awesome stretch that really hit the right spot)

    If it gives you too much pain, do different exercise until it feels healed. Last year, I didn't listen to my body and was crippled for a few days after ignoring my hamstring pain.

    Oh and Aleve!

    Good luck!