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Good Cardio Workouts for Shoulder Injury

I need a good home workout I can do with an injured shoulder. I was doing the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels, which I loved, but the planks and push ups aggravated my shoulder issues... which are in the process of being diagnosed. I would prefer a video.. I want to get my heart rate up and burn fat. I do not have access to treadmill, stationary bike, etc. It is hard for me to go jogging as I have 3 little kids and my husband's work schedule does not allow me many opportunities. Any recommendations? Thank you!


  • sbmump
    sbmump Posts: 1
    edited November 2014
    I am having the same issue and can find nothing to do, also with children at home and a husband that works all the time. I was doing online workouts as well and cannot find anything that doesn't aggravate my shoulder injury!
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    I'm living with a bad shoulder injury that I'm too scared to get fixed (torn labrum). I do a bunch of different workouts and can recommend some, but I think the most important thing is just don't worry about modifying it. Do planks off an ottoman or the arm of a chair, do an awkward airplane instead. Do chest presses instead of pushups. Do front raises instead of lateral raises. Those are some things that work for me - the exact same things may not work for you but the main point is, just change it up so it does.

    Check out - they have lots of videos with lots of user reviews, and also you can watch clips of the workouts that actually give you a good sense of whether they're shoulder-intensive or not.
    Awkard airplane is this pose but move the arm and leg out to the side, it will whip that core into shape:
  • nellyett
    nellyett Posts: 436 Member
    jump squats, walking lunges, skipping, dancing....anything that gets your heart rate up :)
  • SMKing75
    SMKing75 Posts: 84 Member
    I take a lot of classes at the gym that incorporate planking and push-ups neither of which I can do because I also have arthritis in my shoulder and slight impingement syndrome. I am in PT and have been told to avoid any weight bearing activities along with anything that makes me raise my arms above shoulder height. So when they do push-ups/planking, I use the wall. It has been working fine and I have not felt injured or sore when using the wall.
  • ScottDowell
    ScottDowell Posts: 95 Member
    I am not familiar very much about it but up to some extent paddle boating is a great cardio workout when you have shoulder injury.