Better alone?

It's strange, I've lost my workout partner (we started working differnt shifts.) and ever since I feel like I've been having some of the best workouts in months. Maybe I'm better off lifting alone, I like it. Anyone else like this too?


  • Bluebox32
    Bluebox32 Posts: 100 Member
    I workout best by myself. This way I can focus on what I'm doing, no small talk. I did the insanity workout and my daughter loved it too, and when she joined me... my workouts were not as effective.
  • AmyLyn1983
    AmyLyn1983 Posts: 100
    It's not strange. I was going to the gym with a few coworkers and due to shift changes and the fact the gym owners weren't taking proper care of the equipment, I began working out on my own. I've had more progress in the past 1/2 of a yr than I did in almost a whole yr at the gym.
    Congrats on your improvments!
  • dottheallison
    I also workout best alone. Someone else mentioned that it was easier to pay attention to what they were doing and I completely agree.