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Petite Ladies, Where do you buy good jeans? Or pants or anything good? I am petite and small. I have a tiny waist and bigger butt (ten inch difference). I like to find clothes that fit my shape, but I know I have to get the waist taken in no matter what. Are there any brands you recommend? Just any advice? I don't like to shop, but need to get new clothes (some casual and some professional). I thought I'd check in here.


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  • Try kohls. They carry 'petite short'- for women who are petitie and 5'3 and under. Inseam is about a 27-28. :)
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    How short and small are you? That might help you get some answers. I know plenty of stores that may carry what you need...
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    Oh, thanks. I didn't realize people had responded to this. I am 5'2" and I wear a size 0 or a size 2 usually and then need to get the waist made smaller (unless if they are yoga pants).
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    okay so i'm weeks late on this thread, but if you're still wondering ... delia's has a lot of different styles and rises with inseams as low as 26 inches. i'm 4'11 and 120lbs and i fit perfectly in size 5 with a 28 inch inseam. there's plenty of room for my butt and thighs, and they're not so low rise that i have to keep pulling them up.
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    I buy them at express. They are a bit pricy but are great quality and fit a curvy figure nicely.
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    Thanks Ladies, I still need to go shopping this month, so I appreciate the info!!
  • Im a 2 or a 4 depending on the brand, but just like you, I have a 10 inch difference between waist and hips! Being short doesn't help anything either! My favorite jeans are Paper Denim and Cloth, James Jeans, Eddie Bauer and Loft. I don't mind Old Navy jeans sometimes either.

    The thing is, I usally buy my expensive designer jeans at the Goodwill. Its not hard for me to find $150 + jeans for $7.99 in perfect shape. On occasion I find Jcrew and Banana Republic, but they are usually a little too low cut for my shape.... At my store, the section with sizes 0-4 are always full!

    . Loft jeans I always buy new, and they a great petite section! But you have to size down in that brand!

    * I stay away from most cheaper jeans because they stretch out like crazy! I can't do Express or Delia's due to the low quality denim they use!
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  • Gap petite jeans are great, and probably the best fitting jeans I've found as far as length and cut especially the "always skinny" ones.
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    I'm a 4 short at American Eagle, I have loved AE jeans for years, and short sizes are relatively easy to come by.

    I just bought a pair this weekend, they are on sale for $25-$30.
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    If you like Old Navy, try the Rockstar jeans, or the Diva. They have SKinny fit and bootcut.
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    Yay!!! So many great places for me to look. I really appreciate it. Shopping is daunting to me, unless I have an idea of where to go look. Thanks!
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    I like Gap's curvy jeans
    the ankle size is perfect!
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    Thanks :smile:
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    Thanks everybody. I have taken note of all this info for my future shopping. I ended up getting jeans from the petite section in Banana Republic. One pair is darker boot cut, the other pair is a lighter blue skinny jean, they are size 00.