Losing Over a Ton of Weight

dakitten2 Posts: 888 Member
I made this post on my wall today but I wanted to share it with the rest of you!

"I like to fiddle with numbers. So tonite I went thru all my friends weight loss meters. I have 80 friends plus myself for a total of 81. Out of those 2 choose to keep their stuff private and that is OK by me, so using the numbers for 79 of us. As a group we have lost a total of 2572 pounds plus 81 kgs (which I think is around 178 pounds) for a total of 2,750 pounds. Isnt that amazing! I know some have lost weight before starting MFP, so the actual number is even higher! But a big kudos to all of us! We have almost lost a ton and one-half of weight. Amazing! Great job to all of you!"

I think all my friends are pretty amazing and want to give them a big SHOUT OUT for being AWESOME!


  • MissSjolin
    MissSjolin Posts: 134 Member
    That's crazy to think of when you add it up like that. Great work to all of you :)
  • Hmrjmr1
    Hmrjmr1 Posts: 1,106 Member
    DK - we have a fair few friends in common so my Helmets off to all of them and you. You have been solid in your progress and in your discipline to get the job done. Proud of ya lass keep it up top o the hill is in site, Pull those Rucks straps tight cause we're moving out early in the morning!
  • newmom312
    newmom312 Posts: 24 Member
    That's great!!!! I need to join your team :smile:
  • GemaG
    GemaG Posts: 142
    I love being on your team you are always there and motivational. Well done us!!!
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