Working out with the hubby...

kmburns3 Posts: 46 Member
So I went with my hubby to his gym the other day, which was exciting because since switching schedules we never get to work out together. I did my own thing while he did MMA, he is a cop and trains with one of his sergeants and other officers. I said hi to the guys but we didn't stick around to chit-chat. Well a day later his sergeant, who I hadn't seen in about a year, said to him "Dude, you're wife is awesome, I cannot believe you're fooling around on her". Hubby replied "What in the world are you talking about" Sergeant says "That girl at the gym", which my hubby replies "Sarge, that was my wife!" Sarge said "No freaking way, how much weight has she lost, she looks amazing, etc"

So I got to go this morning with them again, and talk about giving him a hard time! Definitely made me feel good that people are noticing all the hard work I'm putting in to make myself better.


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