weight varies by 10lbs per weigh in?

My hubby is very tall (7'2") and he has a tendancy to weigh himself every day - sometimes twice per day - but his weight varies not by a lb or two but up to 10lbs each way - we think it is fluid but i have never seen anybody's weight fluctuate this much. Any ideas on how to stabilize it?

*i have already told him weigh himself on a weekly basis
* he has tried changing the amount of fluid he drinks to see if it makes a difference (it doesn't)

any ideas?


  • katiefly86
    It may be the difference between his height and ours. That's almost two feet taller than myself. I can see how that may happen. And the advise for him to weigh himself only once a week is great. Have him stick with a specific weigh in routine, same day, time, etc each week. Hopefully that will help.
  • LittleNicci
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    is he weighing in the morning on empty stomach after he goes to the bathroom (lightest weight) and then after he eats or at the end of the day (heavier due to consumption)? and once a week or even once a month is good :-)
  • geebusuk
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    I often weigh myself twice a day - before bed and in the morning.
    The only one I really take notice of is first thing in the morning, after toilet, before eating anything, only with boxer shorts on.

    When he weighs himself can make a big difference - I can easily drink a couple of pounds of drink at once for some 'instant weight gain'.

    Also, check your scales. Mine seem to have two positions - one is 4lb heavier than the other. It's a bit random which I get and sometimes it will flick between the two; though generally I need to give them a tap sideways to show the lower one (I checked by putting 20kg of weight lifting weights on and even the lower one showed 20.5kg, so thought I'd stick with that lower figure as it made me feel better :) ).
  • snowbike
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    Im only 6'2" but I can vary up to 9lbs in one day.
    Its water, I drink alot of water in the day and purposely have higher sodium in my diet some days.

    If your worried about it, keep an eye on salt intake in the day.

    Personally If the salts ok, I wouldn't worry about it and just use the morning weigh in.
  • HeidiSmith419
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    I would suspect water weight as well. Probably holding it in his lower extremities. In order for you to flush that out your heart has to push hard enough to move that fluid up from your legs and back your heart and organs. When he sleeps his legs are elevate, and the water is purged. Add to that he is a BIG guy ;) I'm only 5'3" and I can hold a good 3lbs some days in water weight.

    Reducing sodium could help.
  • PNJB796
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    I am ONLY 6 foot 2" (he said diminuitively), but my weight flip flops widely also. In my case it is lymphoedema (water retention in the tissues). Check your hubby is not similar by putting thumb pressure on his shin firmly for ten seconds, then remove your thumb. If the imprint does not dissapear very quickly, then get his GP to give him the once over. The imprint should dissappear in 3 or 4 seconds if his legs have natural elasticity, and remain much longer if they do not.
  • Pimpmonkey
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    When I weigh at the end of the day, I'm usually a good 5 lbs heavier than my morning weigh in. I only do it for sh*ts and giggles every now and then though, usually I weigh in once a week.