Has anyone done a Color Run?

Has anyone done a Color Run? It looks to be so much fun. If you had was wondering what your experience was like. I am doing one.

Here is a link for it if you are wondering what it is:


  • misty0413
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    no but the nearest one in kansas city for next summer is already full.
  • Molly182
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    It's coming here in October. Can't wait!!! Sort of nervous about inhaling the color or it being sticky, but I've heard nothing but great things about it
  • shm1289
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    I did my first one last month. It was almost my first 5k. It's soo much fun! I highly recommend it, especially if you're new to running or just starting out. There are people in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, etc and is very laid back. I was nervous going into it that I would be the most out of shape person there and would get my butt whooped, but I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn't competitive at all. Do it!! You'll have a blast!!
  • shadowkitty22
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    I haven't but my friend did and she said that colored chalk doesn't taste good but that she had a lot of fun and would totally do one again. I'm thinking of hitting up the one in Austin in December as long as I can afford it and my husband can watch the kids.
  • cschu544
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    YES! DO IT !! The experience is absolutely awesome! My biggest suggestion is : make sure you have something over your car seats. A towel won't cut it, the color gets EVERYWHERE and it's extremely hard to clean up, especially in the bathroom. Hose yourself off before you get into the house. Its messy but it's FUN. Take a look at my pics, it was great!! I even rolled around in the color at some of the spots ;). Also- don't bring any type of music.. because the color got into my phone and messed it up for a while.

    Other than that- dress up, get crazy, and bring a lot of fun people!! Good luck :D
  • sevsmom
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    Did one in July. Had to stand in line at one spot for 10 minutes to get pelted with that station's color. It's not a race. And, I didn't think it was all That organized. Did it, won't do it again. I DID like the little wrap up party where you pelt each.other with the color packet you get in you event packet. That's where I got the most colorful!
  • mariapuhl
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    YES!!! It was super super super awesome. Tons of fun. Take it more as a fun run - don't try to get your best 5k time ever on it. There's just SO many people and so much fun to be had - why bother worrying about your time?

    I do second the car seat thing. I had a bad morning (my now ex-boyfriend didn't show up so i was all frazzled) and didn't bring a change of clothes OR something to put on the seat. My best friend and I ran then had the "oh snap... do we take the leather seat car home or the cloth seat?" well we took the leather seat car home, hosed off, jumped in the pool, then took showers.

    But seriously - one of the most fun days of my life. Stay after for the color cloud thing too and it's even better.
  • Superbritt2drescu
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    I did the Color Me Rad version and loved it as Shadowkitty said. I'll be doing another in a couple weeks. My kids are going to join me this time! They are so worth it!

    Edited to add photos... oh and check out http://www.colormerad.com/
  • starcatcher1975
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    I checked out the link (thank you) and it looks like a ton of fun! The closest one to me is 5 hours away! I guess that's an idea for a mini vacation though :)

    ETA: Just saw that one is already has a waiting list. The next closest one about 8 hours away! I'll be in FL around the time of the Orlando run but that's another 3 hours away from where I'll be on top of a 9 hour drive. I'm whiny about everything...maybe I need to run, I feel better after, lol
  • PatriceMG
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    I am doing my first one next month in Portland! I am so excited. I won't be able to run the whole thing but i don't care. It is my first 5k. I think it's a positive and fun way to get started running. Good luck!

    They say to wear a bandana over your nose and mouth at the color stations 'cause it doesn't taste good but it is non toxic.
  • reese66
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    It's one of the funniest races you can do and well worth the experience. A suggestion would be is to bring something to cover you mouth with during the color stations, the chalk is fine enough to go through a t-shirt or bandanna. Maybe a dust mask type thing. Another is to run it with friends and take lots of pictures, do not to take the "race" to serious because you will be the only one.
  • TurtleRunnerNC
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    I want to do one !!!!
  • danger_kitteh
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    I'm doing the Color Vibe here in Ottawa next month and the Color Run in Montreal in October. I can't wait!
  • jagfan
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    I am so excited...We are doing the one in Jacksonville, FL at the end of September. We have team signed up. Thanks for all of the tips. I had thought about all of our electronic devices, but forgot about getting back into the car!
  • lsand
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    Yes, I did one in Kansas City this summer. It was fun but it was just around the football/baseball stadiums so not very scenic. And it was a 108 degree day so they upped the start time to 7:30am. It was HOT.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I'm signed up for a similar race, the Color Me Rad 5k, next month. Looking forward to it - so many who have done either one say it's a blast, but it's nice to get the tips of what to do and what NOT to do from those of you who have experienced it! Thanks! I was already planning to bring something to cover my seats for the ride home, but sounds like I'd better think further than just a towel, yeah?

    For those of you who don't have The Color Run coming to your area, check for Color Me Rad - http://www.colormerad.com/ - maybe they are making a stop in your town. My city sold out already, but they had such a huge response, they added more space by doing a second race later in the day.
  • JennafurC
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    So. Much. FUN!!!!
    I am somewhere in this crowd--this was done every 10 minutes or so for several hours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUPKwLwZ9s0&list=UU0W6C9pOxTMYnXSEP7FG58w&index=9&feature=plcp

    Wear sunglasses (Color Me Rad gives them out). I didn't wear anything over my mouth, but I did keep it shut when running through the color stations--you'll taste very dry & chalky at the end. It is just colored corn starch.

    Theres 2 pics of me in my profile after the race
  • GretchenReine
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    I did one in Philly a few months back and had a great time. It is not timed and is more of a social thing than anything. Some people run it...but more people walk at their own pace. I loved it and can't wait to do another one sometime soon. I did it with my son and we both got very colorful...but cleaned up easy!
  • DisneyAddictRW
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    We ran/walked the July 1st one in Kansas City with the kids. We had so much fun we signed up to run the one in Des Moines, IA on Oct 6th. We talked a few friends into going so we'll have 10 of us going. We don't wear any electronics but bring a camera. We use an older digital camera so we don't have to worry about the powder getting on it. I saw a few people wrap shrink wrap on their cameras to protect them. It's nice there is no time/pace requirement. This allowed the kids to have a blast! They range in age 5 to 12.

    The color came out easy but the purple/dark pink stayed around in my daughter's hair for a few days. We were told to use makeup remover and that would help. Honestly we didn't mind the little color sticking around for a day or two. We didn't wear any sunglasses but want to in October for our team. We did make tutu's in July and the girls had a blast. We sprayed our shirts with vinegar but after a few washed it doesn't look as colorful.
  • starcatcher1975
    starcatcher1975 Posts: 292 Member
    I am so excited...We are doing the one in Jacksonville, FL at the end of September. We have team signed up. Thanks for all of the tips. I had thought about all of our electronic devices, but forgot about getting back into the car!

    When is the one in Jax? And I love your name, I was thinking of changing mine for my favorite team the Jaguars :) I'll be heading to as many home games as possible!