Quick question regarding calories alotted

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Quick Question:

I currently weigh 158. If the military BRM calculator says I would need 1550 to maintain my 'goal' weight of 127 pounds, should I be eating THAT instead of the mere 1200 MFP allows me? Am I starving myself?


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    My current BRM is 1431. Isn't BMR the number of calories required to maintain my body if I were in a coma?The fat2fit site tells me the BMR for my goal weight is 1263. If that's the case, then 1200 is definitely too low. Am I understanding this correctly?
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    My BMR is about the same - personally, I never net below my BMR for the very reason you stated - I need that much in a comatose state, so I definitely need more food if I'm up and active, and exercising on top of that! :smile:

    Have you seen this topic: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/654536-in-place-of-a-road-map-2-0-revised-7-2-12

    Looks like you've already found the fat2fit site, which is linked in that thread - great tools and info there, and Dan, the poster of the thread I linked, does a great job explaining it all. Helped me a ton in setting up my goals. I'm 44, 5' 8", and set at 1800 calories a day - and I'm losing the fat. I started with the 1200 a day plan - hungry, grouchy, stressed about the goals, and my fat loss stalled.

    Check out that thread - hope it helps!
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    Thank you. That is a great site, I visit it often and Dan is very informative. I've actually referred a few people as well.

    I really think I should up my calories a bit. I am capable of maintaining the 1200. My partner and I are fairly creative. I don't really feel deprived. It's not so much a matter of whether I can do 1200 as much as SHOULD I do just 1200. I've lost 4.5 pounds in the first 2 weeks, but this week I haven't budged. I really do want to do this correctly.